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      I think I might have Lucid Dreamt last night. Did I?

      So last night, I had a pretty intense vivid dream. During one part, everything seemed quite realistic but also, transparency?(not sure how to describe the feeling). Anyway, during one part, I touched a guy in order to see if he was real and for some reason, I did my reality check(I think, it's kind of hazy) and I think I realized I was dreaming. After that, I think I got super excited or something and the next thing, I knew, I woke up. Was this a LD?

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      You did become lucid at some level if you questioned reality. Most lucid dreamers have their own or borrowed terms for classifying level of lucidly. Some even split them into layers. If you didn't do reality check and just questioned the reality or felt the reality had no real lasting consequence, you had what I would call a demi-lucid dream. If you wondered if it could be a dream, but wasn't sure or didn't bother to verify it then it would be what I call semi-lucid dream. Whatever the case, I'm fairly certain you may have become lucid, especially if you proceed to do reality check and realized you were dreaming. Anyway, congratulations. Keep at it. ^^
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      Technically, if you realize you're dreaming then yes, it was a lucid dream! Now to have more! Good luck!

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      I think you definitely did. The fact that you woke up from excitement is proof that your brain acknowledged you were dreaming.

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