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      Taking Advantage of Illness for WILD Technique

      Hi guys,

      I'm wondering if any of you have experienced lucid dreams as a result of illness impacting your sleep? Within the last three months, I've had two WILDs induced by struggling to fall asleep due to being sick - just laying in bed awake, until finally feeling the transition into sleep. Due to how wakeful I was from fighting the illness, these were some of my most vivid and longest lucid dreams thus far (~1.5 years into my LD journey).

      I was looking for any techniques that were taking advantage of being ill or something along those lines, but I haven't come across any.
      Anyways, have you been sick and experienced any unique or cool dreams as a result?



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      Well, I suppose WILD you like you said it would gain something from the inability to fall asleep properly. But one probably doesn't want to intentionally induce illness to gain lucidity. Like atleast personally to me it would be a bigger negative to be sick ( I hate being sick and not being able to exercise, meet with friends, function properly and feeling over all bad ) even if it helped me get a lucid every night. It is easier and more benefitical to stick to regular training

      I have never had any good dreams when I've been sick. Actually most of the time when I'm sick I don't remember dreaming at all, my body and mind is just too exhausted fighting the illness.
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