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    Thread: Having DMT like experiences within lucid dreams

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      Having DMT like experiences within lucid dreams

      i've had several experiences with smoking dimethyltryptamine in the past. i have also had 2 experiences that were almost identical to the DMT experience within lucid dreams.

      the first time, i had a random WILD when i laid down on a couch to go to sleep. i was aware of my mental body separating from my physical body.

      i decided to try a yogic technique of stimulating the kundalini energy in my spine. i contracted my imaginary perineum muscles and moved energy up my spine and through my chakras guiding it up to the crown of my head. when this intense energy reached my head it exploded upwards like a radiant fountain of energy. from that point i entered what felt like a DMT experience, except without the initial come-up anxiety. it was beautiful and blissful. i saw many beautiful geometries and felt amazing. at the peak all conceptuality was gone. there was no I. just pure unadulterated consciousness. i was in this state for a virtual eternity. it was amazing to experience this just from a lucid dream.

      the other time it happened was from staring at the sun in a lucid dream. i realized i was lucid and decided to try the practice of sun gazing with the dream sun since it would not damage my eyes. the sun was overwhelmingly bright but it did not hurt to look at. as soon as i really focused on it , it overwhelmed my senses and the whole scene started folding in to beautiful geometries, i remember 2 dolphins juping across the sun too lol. it was alot like the previous experience i related.

      have any of you had similar experiences within a lucid dream?
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      Yes. I have been aware in dreams when the effect was very psychedelic. In hypnogogic states it can feel like heavy narcotics.
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