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    Thread: Help with transitioning vibrations into LD's and AP's

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      Help with transitioning vibrations into LD's and AP's

      So I have become quite familiar with vibrations as of late. I've come across many different terms for this, and the best ones that match my descriptions would be frisson or kundalini. However, although am I able to do this almost every day and for long periods of time, it usually has nothing to do with lucid dreams or astral projections. I may be looking back and remembering an old dream I had a while back. Most of the time these vibrations will come in response to music, video games, or movies.

      For example, I may be at work all day. I find that most days I will be vibrating at a frequency that is so frequent that it seems to never quit. On the other hand, since these things are happening at work, either while I'm awake and actually out in the world, or at home just sitting in front of a TV screen, there is no chance at all of me just randomly astral projecting all of the sudden.

      I have had quite a few experiences with LD and AP, but they have always come to me in sleep. Intense vibrations, similar to what I experience in my waking life, also have coincided with dreams or things that would happen when I was asleep, or just laying in bed. Things such as barrel rolling, flying, leaving the body, or just strange hallucinatory experiences of being with other people at random places when I actually know I am just still at home in bed. It almost feels more like daydreaming than anything else.

      So my question is, how does one take what has been learned through practicing vibrations and apply it over to LD and AP?

      Also, on a side note, has anyone else had a problem with continuously imagining that your being shot up in the foot, or injected with something? I experienced this same exact thing years ago, when I was a more adept lucid dreamer. I remember talking to my therapist about it, and it eventually just vanished on it's own over time. Now it seems to be slowly creeping back up on me.

      The scary part is, it can be REALLY REALLY pleasurable. Especially when I can get to a point where I've been chaining vibrations long enough that I automatically feel the injections just start coming on their own.

      My fear is that I am using these skills not for enlightenment, but just to feel good in the moment, ala kind of like the feelings people get through abusing (or experimenting!) with drugs.

      I would love to find a way to incorporate these practices into practical lucid dreaming techniques.
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      It gets a bit tricky with the whole lucid dreaming community somewhat divided between OBE (AP) and LD being different experiences. Some believe AP is just LD fitting into a different belief system. Anyway, it's important for you to try during longer REM stages like 4 hours after sleep. While it's entirely possible to have dreams in non-REM, REM stage is ideal for LD. Most of us call these vibrations sleep paralysis or REM atonia. There are many among the AP community who believe the vibrations to be a different experience. Anyway, my advise to you is visualization. If you are able to get vibrations easily that means you are able to relax your body easily. Wake up after 4-6 hours of sleep. Relax, visualize, and you'll most likely enter into a dream or lucid dream depending on your level of awareness. However, please note that feeling vibrations are not necessary to have lucid dreams.

      Also, don't be too hung up on just staying with the vibrations. It can be a meditative experience on its own. Unlike drugs meditation in any form is actually good for your body and mind.

      I personally have not been able to have a proper OBE that I'm sure is not a LD. I would very much like it to be a different experience from LD because I like the idea of there being a non-physical plane of existence. ^^
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      I pretty much only get vibrations when I wake up from a dream or during dream chains. Lately when I get ringing in my ears I find I'm able to feel like I'm going out of body. But I think it brings me into a WILD or DEILD because I never saw my body from outside. The scene I appear in doesn't seem to be my room so I think I slip into a dream.

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      I'm having a hard time understanding what exactly it is you're experiencing. Typically around here, the term "vibrations" is used to refer to the sensation many people get when remaining conscious through REM Atonia or experiencing sleep paralysis--both hypnagogic and hypnopompic (before going to sleep and after waking up, respectively).

      I've experienced frisson and can often induce it if I choose to, but I've also had numerous sleep paralysis episodes and times I've remained conscious through REM Atonia. Personally, the two seem to feel completely different. Frisson is certainly enjoyable, and I suppose I could maybe see how you might describe it as feeling vibrations at a very high frequency (although I'd never think to put it that way), but it's much more akin to fast spreading euphoric tingling.

      The vibrations when your body becomes paralyzed during SP or REM Atonia are more like actual, rather powerful and deep vibrations. They're neither pleasurable nor unpleasant to experience (to me), it's just like your body starts humming and vibrating at full intensity with little, or more likely, no warning whatsoever. To me, it's kind of like the sensation/physical feeling manifestation of the mind separating it's connection and communication with the body. In other words, it's the side effect and tell tale sign that you've essentially transitioned to your "dream"/non-material body. Form that point on, I know that any bodily sensations I feel (and probably my other sensory perceptions as well, for that matter--especially anything auditory) aren't coming from my physical body.

      Anyway, I digress. If you're referring more to frisson "vibrations" and how they can be utilized to achieve LDs or AP, that's a rather interesting idea. Needless to say, I don't know of a way it can be used, but I'd be interested to hear any ideas you have or the results of any experimenting you do. If you're talking more about SP/REM Atonia vibrations though, I can give you my technique for transitioning from that state into a lucid dream if you're interested.

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