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      at my home

      Unhappy most of my lucid dreams are lightless and empty

      in almost every LD i had till now i "spawned" in my room and it was always this dark scary place with no people in it and one time i had a strange pain on my eyes it was like the pain you feel when you just woke up and look into a really bright light but in my dream there was no light just the pain and when i walked outside of my house there was this shadow which came out of nowhere and punched me and i woke up... the funny thing is my normal dreams are really colorful and vivid they are always amazing but my lucid dreams are the complete opposite

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      There is no predetermined way how lucid dreams well be. Usually lucid dreams reflect how it was before you went to sleep. If you went to sleep at night, more than likely it will be night in lucid dream too. You can try incubating dream scenarios that's bright, well lit, and colorful. It could help train yourself to have lucid dreams in such environments.

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      I would suggest that you try to take as much interest in the setting as you can and don't be discouraged by aggressive manifestations. You are already conscious and in a dream - that's pretty amazing and you should be glad that you've had good success so far. The dark and scary room is still in your mind, maybe try being bold, look around, confront the other dream characters that might emerge if they seem aggressive.

      This is totally a working theory, but I think a lot of people bring the belief that they are forcing LDs to happen or that they are unnatural with them. Early on, this seemed to manifest itself in my lucid dreams as characters who would appear to suddenly notice me, then pursue me. I found that this passed with time and as I got used to lucid dreams more over time.

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      From what I have gathered, you are stating that upon lucidity through the DILD technique, the setting drastically shifts?
      From experience, calming down in the moment helps, by taking deep breaths, and cultivating positivity. Something clearly needs to be resolved, and although it may be frightening, it's necessary. For instance, when I first commenced lucid dreaming, I had a terrifying experience with multiple false awakenings in almost, but not quite, pitch black. Eventually, a terrible distorted face appeared and made a blood-curdling noise towards me. However, I calmed down, and faced the being, and asked the reason. It cowered and stooped, and admitted the rationale for it's appearance (a pastime I had neglected). Upon my waking, instead of frightened, I was exhilarated from my confidence.

      Afterwards, I was never terrified by dark settings in lucid dreams, and would instead leave the setting, explore, and make sure it was sunrise soon.
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