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      New Lucid dreaming Method?

      This is all just a theory, but I think the lucid dreaming method OCILD (Owl City Induced Lucid Dreaming)(which I just invented) could work in the same way DILD sort of does.

      HOW TO DO IT: listen to the song Lucid Dream by Owl City before you go to bed

      HOW THIS MIGHT WORK: The song (if it's the type of song you like) would put you in a relaxed mood, along with the lyrics, which talk about lucid dreaming and generally "dreamy" stuff that would make you think about lucid dreaming while you go to sleep.

      Now remember: this is just a theory. There is no guarantee this works or not but could at least be used along with other methods. Maybe I just like the song a lot.

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      Yeah, or you could play the song on repeat and hear it in your dreams
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      I will try this tonight. I will let you know how it will affect me.

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      well, if anything, it could work through dream incubation. I would suggest maybe listening to it during the 20 or so minutes during a WBTB. I think incubations work better at this time because you drift to sleep faster and are in a more suggestible state of mind at this time.

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