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    Thread: Am I doing the WILD method correctly?

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      Am I doing the WILD method correctly?

      Please help me out with this, and I apologize for the super long essay...

      First let me ask a question, does the WILD method only work combined with WBTB? Waking up after around 5 hours? Or you could WILD at the beginning? Or you could WILD at the start and WILD again later after 5 hours?

      I was laying on my bed yesterday, WILDing at the beginning, after half an hour I feel numbness through my entire body, and slowly after the numbness I just simply not feel my body anymore, other than my consciousness.

      At the same time with my eyes closed, I see an increasing amount of light/pattern in my eye lids. (phosphenes I believe) It was pitch black when I started, and slowly I see them swimming around and multiplying.

      So I picture what I want to see when I open my eyes, a night sky with stars. My phosphenes formed a few very blurry faces (cute girls, donít judge) for some reason, because I am picturing a night sky, but I know to not concentrate too much, and let my thoughts flow freely, after that, and the most important thing, I feel like I am starting to drift, I let myself drift a little more, and more and more. Soon then I opened my eyes, and yet I am still in my bed looking at my ceiling, thinking that it might be a false awakening so I did reality checks, and ta-da... I am not dreaming, I was like awe it didnít work, so letís try it again, but let myself drift much longer than before.

      This time i felt like if I didnít open my eyes, I would just go to sleep, so I opened my eyes with the last bit of consciousness, and TA-DA...I am still where I started, confirming that it wasnít a false awakening, I was like Aweee, aweee awwweeeeeee

      So I tried the WBTB combined with WILD after 5 hours, and did the same thing, but it was so hard to hold on to my consciousness, and the next thing I remember is waking up, performing a quick reality check, confirming that I wasnít dreaming, then I just went off with my normal days..

      What do you think?

      Very sorry for the long paragraphs, but thank you very much for sticking with me till the end.

      Thanks a lot for any info that might help!
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      It sounds to me like you are doing it correctly... In my adult life I’ve not been able to use WILDs so far for a similar reason that when I get to a certain point I either fall asleep or focus too much near the transition and have to start over. But for me the hardest part of WILDS is due to my condition, which makes the first half of it very difficult. It has become extremely frustrating for me at times because of my pain.

      But when I was a child it was so simple and easy, I didn’t even realise that it wasn’t a (let’s say) “normal” process. The transition back then I think might have been easy because I did get drawn into the dream world in a certain state of focus. To make a comparison with a feeling I get often now, I remember it feeling as if I were concentrating solely on a drawing or painting I’m working on.

      As for advice. It might just be that you have to try and keep consciousness a bit better near the transition phase. Try moving your non-physical body more, or suggest it to move via the scene, i.e. strong wind or people grabbing you. I can’t really say for sure since I can rarely get to that point reliably.
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      I would think that WILDing at the beginning of sleep can maybe be a good practice. But, success will be much higher with WBTB so I would stick to that. Keep trying, you'll get it eventually. I think a few times a week is plenty. WBTB 2-3 times a week.

      Meditation before bed is reccomended.

      I like to mix WILD with MILD. It is a nice way to remember what you're supposed to be doing. And if you fail you will be primed to become lucid anyway.

      For visualization I prefer to visualize a location. Mine is the tree on the moon in majoras mask.

      Lastly, for reality checks, if you are able to reliably do telekinetics, just stay in bed/dreambed and throw some stuff around in your room using your mind. If it doesn't work... you're should probably wait a bit longer. With experience you'll be able to tell by the way your body feels.

      A good way to get experience with transitioning is DEILD. I reccomend an alarm that goes off during REM, wakes you and then turns back off after a few seconds. It can be tricky, but very nice once you get it right.
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