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    Thread: Can only remember 4 lines for DJ

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      Can only remember 4 lines for DJ

      For each dream I recall I can write about 4 lines in my dream journal

      Do I need to somehow try and increase this?
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      Well, depends on a number of things really.

      When do you first record your dreams? Do you write notes after each dream you experienced? After every known awakenings? Or maybe sometime later in the day? Can you keep a number of dreams in memory at a time?

      How long does it usually take to recall dreams (or even just to think of dreams) as you're waking up? Does it take effort to recall things? Do random thoughts and feelings of grogginess impede your recollection process?

      There's plenty more to ask, but let's start with that.
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      No, you don't need to increase this.

      What is important is that you acknowledge signs of dreaming that you missed during the dream and intend to become lucid from similar signs in the future.
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      Quote Originally Posted by dolphin View Post
      No, you don't need to increase this.
      I would say this too for starters. You do not need to do it. You do not need to have a fully detailed dream journal. Good recall is useful and intent regarding the discernible dream signs (as dolphin suggests) is important as well, but the dream journal should (at best) be an aid to your efforts and not a chore or task that you feel is somehow being forced to happen.

      I havenít made any entries myself in a couple of days but still remember some of the more obvious dreamsigns I missed in those unrecorded dreams.

      Personally I usually make long entries because I feel like it and because it helps me associate the dream visualisations to the words that Iíd use to describe a given dream; it also helps me keep track of mental notes that I make as I write, notes that I would otherwise not have recorded for later reflecting upon - but Iíve just as often written on paper no more than a couple of lines, in some entries.
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