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      Lucid Sleep

      Hello, good day.

      I had a question about how lucid sleeping works. Is this the right place to put this..?
      anyhow so I am aware people can be "conscious" the entire night, sleep yoga and all that interesting stuff. I can lay down to go to sleep, and after fighting off my thoughts trying to steal my awareness a few times, I get this nice settled feeling and my breathing gets different, and it feels nice and comfy. I can just kind of watch my awareness, but I don't think ive ever donw it longer than maybe... 30 mins? And that's because, id ont really know whats going on.

      I suppose what I mean is, how can I know im sleeping if im not.. "sleeping" in the traditional sense of the word. Which I suppose would be blacking out, for most people.

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      As our sleep becomes deeper, we become less able to be conscious of our sleeping environment. For example, say there is a loud noise of constant volume in our bedroom. The deeper our sleep gets, the less loud the noise seems to us.

      Prior to REM sleep, as our sleep becomes deeper, our minds become less alert and more drowsy.

      So during our deepest non-dream sleep, we can hardly be conscious of our sleeping environment and our mind is very drowsy.

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