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    Thread: Ever run into lucid dream characters?

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      If I told you..

      Question Ever run into lucid dream characters?


      In this thread, I'd like to discuss all things about lucid DCs. Any strange occurrences in such a regard? Have you or have you not had DCs realize that they are part of a dream, or ask themselves if they are dreaming? Anything else related?

      For me, it's a common occurrence for a DC to realize they are in a dream, even for some to concede they are a figment of imagination (and one time getting depressed over it). The most common one, is someone saying, "Am I dreaming?" after seeing me doing something extraordinary, like flying, etc. Second to that, is me asking a DC if they know this is a dream, with mixed results (I've done it a lot, and enjoy the vastness of responses)... it's about 50/50 on whether they know they are in a dream, or not. Other occurrences are DC's saying "This is a dream, isn't it?" or just generally having a look of wtf after seeing me manipulate the dream.

      For me, the most memorable lucid moment, and the only time something like this has happened, was one particular LD in which I was going around asking DCs if they know they are dreaming (a phase I went through), and I went to one particular DC and said, "You know you are dreaming, right?" to which he replied, "No. You are." He's somehow aware that this is a dream, yet insists he is somehow not dreaming, or separate from it, and at the same time, knows I'm the/a dreamer? So strange!

      What are your guys experiences and/or thoughts on the subject?
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      I've encountered many dream characters that know and accept that they are in a dream. Sometimes they help me become lucid.

      Once I met a friend in a dream and remembered that he died in waking life. I was sure that I was dreaming, but for some reason it took 8 RCs to become lucid. My dead friend kept saying that the fall didn't kill him and that he wasn't dead. Once I was lucid, I suddenly felt fear. Not sure what I was so afraid of, but I couldn't calm myself and woke up.

      In another lucid dream I met a little girl in the middle of a street and she looked scared and lost. I taught her how to RC and made her lucid. It calmed her down, like I imagined, since she now at least knew where she was and that she had nothing to be afraid of. Then I taught her to fly and we flew together until the dream ended.

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      Hey Liquidaque.
      I find interacting with DCs quite interesting, because they are only figments of your imagination. So although they are taking on human forms (in this instance) the replies come from somewhere in your mind. I've read a lot of posts before where people have asked their DCs deep and meaningful questions to see what response their subconscious would generate.
      Personally my DCs mainly tend to walk around undisturbed unless I purposely disturb them, normally with a display of proving to them that this is a dream.
      In terms of unusual experiences with DCs, I suppose nightmares are the most interesting ones. Often the DC that triggers lucidity, they are quite fun to see change from some terrifying demon, to a friendly chat lol

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      I had all kind of different reactions about the characters knowing that they were in a dream or not. In one particular dream, it was funny that they were trying to convince me that "This is the only reality that exists. You are here and here only." to which I answered "I know this is a dream because I can still feel my body sleeping in the bedroom".

      That character was actually in my apartment in the dream, so he went to my bedroom and then said: "See, you are not in the bedroom".
      So I explained that in the real world, for me, I was in my bedroom. In the dream, I was in a similar apartment, but in the living room. As the discussion was not going forward I decided to show that I could manipulate "reality" to which the characters (there were more people in the dream) were quite amazed.

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      In my experience, I have the habit of taking a few precious seconds to try and convince the closest DC they're also dreaming after my initial realization. Most often (in recent memory, that is) it's someone I know. Last time this happened, it was my close friend Dan. When I told him we were in a dream, he nonchalantly shrugged and we went off exploring an underground warehouse. The whole nonchalance attitude seems to be the most common to me. Whether they know it before or after I tell them, there is always this lack of surprise.

      I must be the only part of myself excited about lucidity! *shrug*

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      I can't recall any specific cases yet of other DCs behaving as though they're dreaming and lucid. Usually when I'm lucid any DCs (when they're present at all; often I'm simply alone unless I specifically seek them out) will mind their own business unless I approach them first, and then they'll usually pretty much accept or play along with whatever I say and believe, including the fact that I am dreaming.

      But for whatever reason, DCs in my lucid dreams often feel a bit like robots and are either unresponsive or tend to give imprecise responses which are often irrelevant or make limited to no sense in context, a bit like talking to a software chatterbot. I hope to someday encounter more “intelligent” DCs when lucid, as this could result in some interesting and worthwhile conversations.

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