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    Plateau of my Consciousness

    by anti_nation on Yesterday at 06:47 PM
    Two dreams.

    I was in a very large group home for people my age. I wasn't sure what it was for, but it was massive and all on one level. The floorplan was like this: there was a center, wide hallway that was more like a living/lounge space full of couches and coffee tables. On either side, on the other side of a wall, a large extensive bathrooms/locker rooms stretched parallel. The right side was for guys and the left for ladies. (bath/locker rooms are a really common dream sign).

    I had a pet garter snake who had wiggled its way from my hands and escaped. I was running around frantically, crawling on my hands and knees, peering under furniture, sticking my head into the bathrooms, but I lost all track of my pet. I was about to give up as the dream ended.


    The beginning of this one is a bit fuzzy. I remember walking down a dirt road or path surrounded by tall trees and deep green ivy. I walked with one or two other people, female. There was some sense of an apparition that floated above a wooden sign covered in vines. It was almost like just as I looked to focus on it, the ghost vanished entirely. I turned and began running off the road and into the woods. I soon came out on the other side to see a white, two story house and garage sitting on a wide and perfectly flat plateau. No lights were on and it seemed vacant. The sparse grass held an orange-ish glow that seemed to mirror the fiery sun setting in the sky. I walked out onto the plateau and was awe struck by the scene in front of me. The plateau gave way to a sheer cliff that dropped down into a deep and lush valley. The valley stretched for miles before extending up into a mountain range that cut through the horizon.

    I was on the verge of lucidity, I could feel it. I was so captivated. My thoughts sped up. I began questioning everything I was experiencing. The dream ended before I could get much further. I feel if it had lasted longer, I would have broken into lucidity easily.

    Afloat on the Town's Water

    by anti_nation on 01-18-2019 at 03:55 PM
    I wish I could have remembered more from last night. I know I dreamed intensely, but recall becomes strange when I wake up frequently.

    I dreamed of a town that had merged itself with a nearby lake. The crystal clear, blue water filled the streets intentionally. Cars were adapted to float and travel on the surface. The buildings stretched several stories up. In the center was wide open water where waves could grow and rock the surface. This was such an incredibly vivid and surreal scene. I was in a large speedboat. With me I had a child and a kitten. I had to get the kitten into a small cage to make sure it wouldn't go somewhere it shouldn't and get hurt. We had just came from a street and made it out onto open water. I told the child to hold the steering wheel until I could manage the kitten situation. When finished and looked up, a sizeable wave was about to hit us from the side. I quickly grabbed the wheel and whipped the boat around to hit it head on so we wouldn't capsize. Being tossed around in the air like that was kind of fun. To my right I saw an approaching police boat, but they didn't seem too concerned. More curious than anything.

    Train Tracks

    by anti_nation on 01-18-2019 at 02:51 AM
    A few snippets of last night's dreamage:

    I found work creating custom motorcycles from the ground up. It paid really well, was hard but satisfying work, and the business was really taking off.

    I dreamed about being in a cafeteria full of people I knew. I had loaded my tray up with food from the buffet style islands and found a set.

    I can't remember what I was doing, but I realized I had forgotten something. Or maybe I had just realized that if I had something in particular, it would make whatever it was I was doing so much better. Carrying my backpack and winter coat, I bolted from the building and ran down the street. I cross railroad tracks just as the crossing gate began closing and the bells started chiming, warning of an impending train on its way. I dodged the gate as it came down right next to my head and glanced down the tracks, seeing a moving train unnervingly close. On the other side, I dropped my coat and bag onto the ground and kept running. I looked back, wondering, worrying if I should have kept these items that I thought were slowing me down.

    The translation for the Train Tracks dream is really clear to me. The past two nights I've asked myself a question and have gotten translatable answers from my dreams that have made some sense. I'll keep experimenting and writing down the results.

    Andy Samberg the Mars Murderer

    by anti_nation on 01-16-2019 at 12:25 AM
    Very rarely will I dream of being on planets other than Earth. Last night I dreamt of landing on a very nicely terraformed version of Mars. The trees and vegetation was strikingly similar to Earth, but the sky had a unique yellow hue, and grass seemed a bit of a sandy color.

    I stepped out of a space ship with 3 other people, noticing a house and a few sheds next to a barren field and patch of woods. We were all wearing high-tech space suits. Our mission was to regain contact with a farming settlement that had a broken communication system. Andy Samberg was one of one of people on my team.

    We split up and began walking the property; we couldn't find a single soul. No life seemed to be coming from the house or any of the buildings. Walking around back, we found the door leading down to the basement open. Peering into the darkness, I had the feeling that it led into a deep formation of catacombs. I wasn't sure I was ready to go that far yet.

    I heard Andy Samberg start yelling, "Alien! Alien! Oh god I got him!" I then heard gunshots coming from the other side of the house. Everyone rushed over to him to find that he had, in his great ignorance, shot and killed an old man who had come to greet us. We were all speechless and serious with the exception of the smug "oops" grin Andy Samberg typically has. Just then, a large rover the size of a monster truck pulls up to the property, and the remaining settlers we were looking for came out and greeted us. They quickly realized what had happened, luckily knowing it was only the fault of Andy Samberg. We tied him up and continued on with the mission, unanimously deciding that later we would decide what to do with him.

    I mean, I'm not a huge fan of Andy Samberg as an actor.

    The Dragon Chase - A successful DEILD

    by anti_nation on 01-13-2019 at 04:59 PM
    I was finally successful with the DEILD methos, and managed to chain two lucid dreams together.

    I was in the form of Stan from American Dad initially. I just caught wind that a dangerous organization was after me and my family. I ran back to my house,which was a decent sized tree house a couple stories up in a tree. My family was the wife and two kids in the Incredibles. We were all frantically packing the things we needed when I started catching wind that they were about to roll up on us. I shouted for everyone to leave immediately. They were on it. They jumped from the back door and glided down effortlessly. My wife lead them on foot through the fields that stretched as far as the eye can see. I started getting that familiar feeling and began to realize I was dreaming.

    I looked out a window and saw a black limo pull up and park beneath my front door. It was them. I shouldered my bag and jumped out the back door, gliding down and then used that momentum to take a couple steps and launch myself into the air once more. It felt like low gravity mixed with being on a hang glider, or Crouching tiger hidden dragon. As I gently descended, I would push off the ground and launch back into the sky at great speed.

    I repeated this process of jumping - gliding - jumping and began getting faster and faster. I was conscious that looking down even when I was 30 or 40 feet in the air didn't bother me. The ground turned to flooded, barren corn fields up ahead. I could see I had almost caught up with my family. As I got within earshot, I greeted them to let them know I was safe and then kept at the rear of the group. We dashed around tree lines that separated the square acres of field and came upon a gas station in the middle of nowhere. I took one last jump and made it on top of the room that hangs over the gas pump. The wife and kids dashed inside for drinks and snacks. I surveyed the area briefly. It wasn't a tiny gas station, but a Sheetz that would get a good deal of business. We all felt it was a safe place to take a rest. I dropped down from the roof and walked inside. My wife approached me and said "Honey, they have a place we can stay for a while. It's a motel." I and everyone else was relieved.

    I woke up and without thinking, rolled over and opened my eyes a bit. I was really hoping to get back into this dream using the DEILD method. As quickly as I could, I got comfortable and began trying to envision those flooded corn fields, walking on the surface of the water, jumping high into the air. And before I knew it this reality faded, and the dream world I was envisioning materialized right before my mind's eye.

    I was standing outside the motel side of the gas station, staring into the wispy blue sky, feeling the cool air calmly blow past me. I thought to myself "Alright, I'm back. But what should I do now?" The ground began to rumble and a deep roar vibrated the air. To my left coming down the dirt road was a dragon, and it was coming straight for me. I guess my dream wanted to make things interesting for me. I took off, pushing hard against the ground and launching myself into the air just as before. But this time there was a real sense of danger and franticness, because this dragon had no problems keeping up with me. As I covered some distance, maybe 1/4 mile, the ground became more and more saturated until it was all just flood water with broken bits of corn stalks poking through. I thought of my experience walking on water in a lucid dream I had a few weeks ago, and found I was much improved. Every time my feet touched the surface, I was able to push off with plenty of force to send me flying. I looked back to see the dragon had gave up running, and is now swimming towards me. And it was MUCH faster at swimming. So much so that he would be on me within a minute.

    I changed course and shot off through a line of trees. I saw the back of a very large building up ahead, what seemed like a mall. I ran and jumped once more, using my feet to push myself vertically. I couldn't take it all in one leap so I pounded up the rest of the way with my feet and hands against the brick. Looking back, the dragon had resurfaced and was definitely slowed down by the tree line, but it was quickly figuring out how to squeeze through. I still had several ledges to climb before I would be out of the dragon's reach. I continued my ascent, leaping 10-15 feet in the air and catching the brick corners, then pulling myself up. On one of the highest ledges, I saw a hole the size of a football in the brick. I tried to peer inside, but I couldn't. It almost seemed like this was here intentionally, like a video game designer put this here as a reward for the curious gamer who explored this part of the map. I opened my palms and gave a mighty shove, yelling "HAH!" The brick exploded back into a hollow cavern that contained and jeweled, stone rabbit and two small treasure chests. I grabbed the stone rabbit by the ears and began running again. I didn't have time to waste with this dragon still hot on my tail.

    I woke.

    It seemed that my lucidity gradually wore out as the dream progressed. It definitely peaked when I was looking at the sky outside of the motel, when I had a chance to calm myself and wonder what to do next in the dream. But the more preoccupied I was with the action going on, the less I was able to think clearly about anything else. However, my DEILD was successful, and that makes me happy and excited to expand upon it!