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    Thread: Defending a child against a demon

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      Defending a child against a demon

      I keep having a lucid dream of me holding a small girl. She has long brown hair but I never see her face. I'm holding her in my arms and staring into a mirror. A demon keeps popping up, looking like the little girl, like me, or like some random child/person. O fight it, spitting, punching, kicking, staring at it and saying i see it and am not afraid. It's after the child not me, I never let the child go. But as soon as I try to remember a prayer, i wake up saying the prayer. It keeps happening...im not afraid, but I'm defending this child every night, and I feel like it's mine.

      The demon only wants her, but I won't let it touch her. Any idea what all this means or how to stop it?

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      You are a child of God. The demon is trying to ruin your relationship with Jesus.

      I believe Jesus was the only one with the Power to rebuke the devil. We as Christians are to pray to our Father to help us.

      I have a friend who said one time a preacher told me to rebuke the devil in Jesus name. He started doing that and after long his house was being attacked by Satan. He then Got on his knees and said God this is your house and it is protected. Out of that prayer the demons left. God revealed that what that preacher was saying about rebuking was false and that you are to pray that the Lord will protect.

      Iíve noticed since to pray and I get relief from my nightmares.

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      A child in dreams often represents some project, or some undertaking that you're 'giving birth to' or have recently, that is vulnerable and needs nurturing and protection until it grows strong enough to stand on its own. It could be anything you're trying to create that is weak right now - like starting a family, buying a house, or taking classes. Maybe something like beginning a new phase of your life, quitting drinking or smoking.

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      I don't know much about the meaning of dreams, but I know its easy to get sucked into reocurring nightmares. All it takes is a seconds thought whilst dreaming to snowball it back to the same nightmare you experienced before. Then the more it happens the more you think about it, you get yourself stuck in a vicious circle.

      You say it's a lucid dream? If it is then you are in complete control. You can stop the demon in its tracks just by saying it. If I were you I would do that and ask it what it wants, or why it wants the child. If lucid you can also reveal the childs face, and ask her what she represents.
      Once these things are out in the open you often don't have the nightmare again and you ill hopefully have peace of mind too.

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