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      questions about 1st time FILD/lucid dream

      I just did my first FILD attempt this morning and it worked perfectly, it's also the first method I tried that worked for me to lucid dream, normally I just LD once in 3 months as it comes naturally.

      the FILD happened really fast, and I remember hearing a constant buzz and alot of sounds/voices, but I didn't mind and just let it go. There was a complete silence after that and I began opening my eyes only to notice that I was laying in my room, everything looked exactly the same as in real life, sun was shining through the windows but that was normal as it was extremely sunny when I woke up this morning. I was very disappointed because I thought it didn't work, I did the nose pinch RC and I was able to breath through it, which made me realize I was dreaming. holy shit.

      I stood up and walked around my house, and everything was so realistic that i couldnt believe it, i kept doing nose pinch RC to verify that I was dreaming but it was still hard to believe.

      I have a few questions:

      1. I was in a 'waking up' loop. I kept 'waking up' in my bed thinking the dream was over only to realize after a while that I was still dreaming, this happened like 5-6 times. is this normal?
      2. I tried to fly in my house and levitate objects but both didn't work. I was bound to gravity exactly the same way as in real life. How can I work around this?
      3. This happened after 2, I was looking over my balcony and I wanted to jump off it to fly, but I didn't do it because I failed to fly earlier and I was afraid to die. What would have happened if I did it anyway?

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      Congratulations on having success with FILD on your first attempt! That's great.

      In response to your first question, from what I understand false awakenings are pretty common with lucid dreaming. Robert Waggoner wrote in his book Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self that he had "seven false awakenings in a row."

      As far as having issues flying in your dreams, trying to really believe you can fly in the dream will help. Expectation is key. What we expect is usually what happens. So it is incredibly helpful to try and change the way your expectations within your dreams. If you sincerely expect to fly easily, your chances of success increase. It can also be helpful to be as lucid and aware as possible within the dream. By that I mean to remain aware that you are in a dream, your body is lying in bed, and flying and levitating objects are completely possible within your dreams. You are not bound to the laws of physics as you are in waking life.

      It is hard to say with any certainty what would have happened in your dream, but very likely you would have woken up given your state of mind as you desribed. If you are afraid to do something in a dream, that will most likely make it more difficult to achieve. If you had jumped in your dream and fallen and struck the ground, you may have just woken up at that point.

      It is really common for new LDers to have to attempt flying a few times before they have the right mindset and are able to fly with ease. I am still working on this myself actually!

      Good luck.
      Dreams are real while they last. Can we say more of life? - Havelock Ellis

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