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      Another query regarding hypnagogic states

      So when I enter a hypnagogic state I feel weird tingles around my body and see dots and diamonds and other shapes In my eyelids. After around 30 secs of this should I try to recall a memory and try to vision it. Touch the objects in it e.g. table, wall pens. And then after a while of focusing on the memory in the state I heard what helps to form a lucid dream is it focus on a point and look using your perifieral vision. Apparently this makes it quicker to enter the dream. I just want to know if the stuff above will work tonight and will I just teleport into the memory as a lucid dream, and what does it feel like

      I know itís a lot

      Kind regards

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      Hey Eric........

      In the short time I have been at this I have gone to some pretty interesting states through hypnagogia, even though I have yet to enter into a true LD that way. I would suggest being more patient and enjoying that hypnagogic experience for a while without actually trying for immediate results. You may find that the results that you seek actually happen faster that way.

      I'm sure that others with more experience will offer you better guidance about slipping into that dream. I'm still just enjoying the process.
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