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      Red face Little open call for LD participants/musicians | | art project about lucid dreams

      hi dreamerssss!!!

      My name is mica.
      Iím an art student located in Amsterdam and now doing an art project about lucid dreams. Iím very in to dreams in general, and I had few lucid dream experiences and AP experiences, and currently still practicing.

      What I want to do is to ask around 5 people or more to do some lucid dream tasks / experiments which mainly focus on space. I have some ideas about it but we can always discuss together what exactly we do. Could be like we meet in the dream in a space/ place that we all know, or describe one of your favourite place to other people and another person try to recreate it in their dreams, etc.. and about where you locate ó I guess it doesnít matter, we can make a group somewhere and keep contacts, but ofc if we can manage a meeting it would be great!

      And my idea is that later we would communicate about those dreams, and I will draw those space/stories down, and make a book out of it. Since its about different people, iíll create different books and hopefully those space and stories would somehow intertwined with each others.

      I also want to collaborate with someone who can make music, my idea is to use binaural beats to really affect peoples states, so in the end it will be like a space where people can go through your dreams while listening to the music and feel like they are in your dream space, or feeling that gap between dream and reality/ real and unreal space. But we can discuss about details together.

      If you are interested either as a participant or musician and would like to know more or have any questions, please donít hesitate!!!! either email me to [email protected] or just reply me here!

      In the end Iíll also give you one of your dream drawings as a little reward !!

      Other information:

      Im very sensitive to space in my dreams in general, its not about the structure of buildings but a general atmosphere. So like color, smell, light, moodÖ all those adds up to states, which are always very strong after I wake up. And I like the way spaces are draw down in the paper, by staring at them you can somehow imagine entering there.

      I also found binaural beats quite effective, I know its different from person to person, but for me it can really change my state easily. so i think it can provide a mental background for audience to experience those drawings, i think it will be quite essential.

      Below Iíll put some of my dream drawing / space drawings here as a visual reference

      DS 10.jpg
      DS 21.jpg
      DS 2-1.jpg

      thank you for reading ------


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      Sounds very cool not sure if i can help much but I could try

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      ah wrong reply x how can i delete this

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      aw nice!! i just sent you a PM please check!!!

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