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    Thread: Hypnosis - Flying Fantasy made me go lucid.

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      Hypnosis - Flying Fantasy made me go lucid.

      Note: This is from my DJ, not Grammar perfect. When I had this dream, I had just listened to this hypnosis from youtube:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0xiUppgdpqc

      I'm not saying that I hypnosis will work for everyone. I had this dream.

      Lucid: I had a dream that I was in this old run-down apartment building in New York. People who lived there were mostly poor people and such. The building was such bad shape that they didn't have proper fire alarms in the building. The power was out because of a storm that just passed over the area. The rain had just stopped and it was clear just a little bit. I was there. It was in the early morning hours. I was outside. I think it was about 4:00 am in the morning and I heard birds chirping in the background. I then noticed that everything as little bit distorted, as soon figured out that I was dreaming, found out that the apartment building was on fire!! By then the fire got really bad that the fire that it was deemed that it was unsafe to go into the place to search for a teen who people was still in there. This is when I did my RC to stabilize my dreaming and then I started to float and I flew into a window where I notice an unconscious kid on the floor. Apparently, he had a disability. He had autism. He was in the attic of this place. I recall pulling that kid up and flying him out of the place by phasing through the wall.
      All of a sudden, there was a big bang and the apartment blew up as I had just landed with the teen. As I carried him out he felt heavy. I remember by the time we landed the kid was coming too and was asking what was going on. He coughed and the fire department gave him oxygen. I remember that there was a big crowd that surrounded me as I was standing there. People chattering and taking pictures with their cellphones. I felt like people were staring at me and that made me feel weird. This was far away distances for the damage site. By the time this was going on, the sun was rising from the trees.
      I remember hearing a voice that came from the back of the crowd and was making his way to where I was. it was a guy who was 5' 9 with brown hair that was graying. He had glass on. He had a mustache. Then it dawned on me that it was Gerald Riviera. Apparently, the kid was his. This was in result of a one night stand with some woman who he secretly had kids with. I don't know? I remember that he came over and hugged his son. I remember that he tried to shelter his son away from the cameras but, that was a little too late because everyone now knows about it. I remember the kid was actually taller than him.
      Then Gerald Riviera then wanted me to do an interview and such but, I refused him and flew off. Then I woke up!
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      I tried this before too! I think i dreamt about nice aliens though

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