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      Can WBTB work with around 3 hrs of sleep?

      I do WBTB and lately, have been sleeping around 1:20-30 and waking up around 4:40 in order to try it I was wondering, is this enough time for WBTB?

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      I have found that my WBTB efforts work best when I have had a good amount of restorative sleep already that night. For me that means at least three 90 minute cycles........four cycles is better.

      I have tried at all times of the night to see what works best and I have found that for all the techniques that I use, getting good sleep beforehand is a very important key to sustained success.

      I find that if I am feeling too groggy when I wake up intending to WBTB I'm better off going with SSILD which relies on the ability to fall quickly back to sleep for best results.

      Experiment and see what works best for you and consider being flexible with your program.
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