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    Thread: Think I had my second ld and might have issues with rc?

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      Think I had my second ld and might have issues with rc?

      So I took a nap and had a dream and during it, I think I was lucid as I remember knowing/saying this is a dream and doing a reality check, but thing is, it didn't work. So I was wondering, what is up with my reality checks and did I really LD. I do finger through my hand RC
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      Hey kamenriderbaron, it sounds as if you had a low level LD. I've had several of those where I know it's a dream but only in a vague way. Then I've had others where I vividly know I'm dreaming and can take control of my actions and some other things. Usually for higher levels of lucidity, you will know with confidence that you are in a lucid dream

      What do you mean when you say your reality check didn't work?

      My favorite RC is the one where you take your fingers and press your nostrils together so no air should be able to pass through. You then try to breathe. If you cannot feel any air passing through you are awake. But if you feel air passing through when it shouldn't be you are dreaming! In your dream you will feel the breath passing through your pinched nose when you know it shouldn't be possible. It is a very strange sensation.
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      Sometimes rcs don't work on first try u can try multiple times and it might work on later tries. Has to do with expectations or something. Some ppl recommend having different rcs as backups.

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