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    Thread: Experiences with Projected Meditation for Lucid Dreaming

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      Experiences with Projected Meditation for Lucid Dreaming

      Stating my experience first, I have four years of lucid dreaming experience and have been meditating for over a year now. Yet in many lucid dreams I struggle to get the control I'm looking for even with very high awareness, I would like some input or advice on how to use meditation specifically for lucid dreaming. I've heard of the topic sometime back, projected meditation that is sort of visualizing and immersing the dream-scape, the environment, the scenario in your thoughts while still engaging a meditative state. I will take any information or experience on this topic.

      Also any tracks or hypnosis that would work with this type of meditation that anyone would like to share, other than binaural beats, (they are not for me) is also appreciated.
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      Sleep depravation makes this much easier while meditating.
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      Hey Phantom08, what would you say your level of control is at this point? Also, how far has expectation based dream control worked out for you so far?
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