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    Thread: Neat idea for lucid dreaming activities!

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      Neat idea for lucid dreaming activities!

      This is something I do that I feel is worth sharing as it has been very exciting for me and helps to keep the lucid dreams rolling.

      So I just recently got back into lucid dreaming as I have struggled a bit at attaining lucidity since I started my new job back in January. After some lifestyle changes, new sleeping habits, etc. I started having luck again just these past two weeks. Listening to podcasts on lucid dreaming and being active on this site along with some ADA techniques have proven valuable to me, HOWEVER...

      As is the case with many other semi-experienced dreamers on this site I was having trouble deciding what to do in a lucid dream. I was a victim of the DILD situation where you perform a reality check and say, "Oh wow! I'm dreaming! What to do now?!" and would usually resort to flying, interacting with dream characters, or exploring. All is fun and fine, but it does eventually lose the luster it originally had. Like a drug I kept chasing that high I attained from the first lucid dreaming experience I had. So I tried some things such as joining a competition (which I am extremely excited about) and completing tasks of the month. But then I thought of something - and perhaps this has already been thought of and I just haven't heard of it and I apologize if I'm beating a dead horse here - but why not make your own personal series in a lucid dream?

      I wrote many stories on Fictionpress and Fanfiction back in the day and the tactic I used for inspiration was to put myself into a state of mind of the characters I was writing about. So now I do that with lucid dreaming and let me tell you it is awesome!

      I'll try not to go too deep here as it is a long story but here it is:

      I used to have a recurring dream character when I was younger and usually they only appeared in intense/action related dreams. Over the years however they appeared less and less and I no longer dreamt of them. So my first task was to make them reappear in the next LD I had. I was successful after a few attempts when I found them at a park among a crowd at a wedding reception. We talked in the dream and decided to travel the dream world together again.

      My next task was to find some sort of spacecraft to travel back to the last dream I had with them in it. It took a few more LD's and attempts before I found both the craft and them in the same dream. It took a lot of hard concentration to find a working craft and the character. I ended up finding the craft in a parking lot of my old high-school and the recurring DC was already inside. In short, we had some trouble getting the controls right to get airborne but once in the sky we hit space and the dream eventually ended.

      Now our journey continues - back to the last dream I had with them some 10 years prior. I am excited to have my next LD where I will have to try and conjure up the scene where we are already in flight to our destination (or landing). I figure this will be extremely difficult to continue, but basically my tactic is to have an LD and then DEILD because making the dream scene is much easier that way. So almost like a loading scene before picking up where I left off. And I am kinda running it like a TV series where the dream scene doesn't have to be the exact moment I have left off but maybe a little later. Like I said maybe we won't be flying like we were, but maybe we are landing or already exploring the old area (which thankfully I have dream journal entry about from back in the day).

      So in conclusion I think some of you could have some luck with this! Maybe it would help some of you - and especially those who have LD's more often than I do - to maybe make an outline to a story and follow it through. Write down a beginning, middle, climax, and end and write a sweet dream journal book about it! It is after all the best special effects and movie setting there is. And trust me as we all know the DC's say crazy things and even though we can control a good bit of the dream there are times it gets outta our control so it is amazing to see how it ends up. I'm only two episodes in and I'm loving it, and I will be posting more detailed accounts on my DJ soon so you can hopefully have a better understanding of what I mean. They're currently on my phone but I'm too lazy to upload to my PC haha.

      Let me know what you think!
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      I think it's a pretty cool idea. I'm sure there's a lot of creativity to mine from LDing! I know author Clare R. Johnson uses her LDs to dream up fiction and incorporates them into her books. You should upload them to the PC when you get a chance!
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      Definitely a creative idea! Good thinking, and i agree with zelcrow
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      Sounds a bit like a persistent dream realm thing too. Here's a few people's journals who have become masters at it:

      Sensei's "Zödra"
      Hyu's adventures
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      Go for it!!
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