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    Thread: The Strange Problem of Waking Up Too Quickly?

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      The Strange Problem of Waking Up Too Quickly?

      This isn't something one would normally see as an issue, but it may be interfering with my goals of becoming lucid.

      I wake up extremely quickly and thoroughly every morning.

      I'm talking within seconds I feel as awake and aware as I would at any other part of my day. Occasionally if I take a nap and sleep too long I'll wake up feeling groggy, but it's usually just the same. I don't consume caffeine aside from the occasional cup of green tea.

      How does this feel like a disadvantage? When I set my alarm to wake myself up after 4 or 5 hours for a WBTB or WILD attempt, it feels like my sleep patterns are reset (Are they actually reset? I don't know). Many tutorials for different techniques involve waking, waiting an hour or so and then going back to sleep. For those reading, do you typically not wake up fully during that hour? Or am I misdiagnosing my problem?

      A bit of additional info:

      I'm trying to be acutely aware of the moments just before and after sleep; familiarizing myself with the space in-between on both ends of the night. As I lay down and get comfortable, I let my mind be its usual busy jumble of thoughts. Passively letting ideas whip through at a rapid pace until I feel it's time to hunker down. I've found a part of the SSILD method, "cycling" puts me to sleep incredibly quickly and has been my go to for a couple months now. It's extremely vague and hard to put into words, but I'm getting familiar with that hazy floating feeling just before losing consciousness.

      Paying attention to waking up is a lot more difficult. It's like trying to remember what a totally dark room looks like as you're sprinting through the doorway into the light. There has been a time or two where I've been able to briefly pause in that doorway, conscious enough to have self aware thought but not yet see the back of my eyelids or feel my body. Maybe if I can be in that space more often I can figure out how to jump back into a dream. I digress.

      Any insight would be very much appreciated. Thank you for your attention!!
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      Try to not worry about the level of wakefulness or sleep patterns or about anything else during the attempt. Worrying about anything will prevent falling asleep more than it will help.

      Rest assured that upon waking up, it's possible to enter a dream within a couple of minutes after feeling very awake or moving or not noticing the awakening immediately.

      To attempt to jump back into a dream upon waking up, just lay in bed with eyes closed and casually imagine the desired dream for a couple minutes.
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