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      Recalling dreams? no problem Waking up? problem

      my dream recall has been going great for the past week I've been recalling my dreams every night usually about 2 per night. Today i can remember about 6 from last night but i am having trouble waking up during the dreams. all i ever seem to dream about it school so i think that's why its hard to wake up because i think its real. does anyone have any tips on waking up during a dream or changing what you dream about?

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      I am assuming by "waking up" you are referring to "waking your consciousness of the dream" (aka. becoming lucid) and not really leaving the dream state. Since you said you are often dreaming about school, that would be a dream sign. Every time you are at school do a reality check, that way when you are in school in your dream you will do a check and realize you are dreaming.

      By the way, welcome to the forums.
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