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    Thread: Was this a lucid dream or a dream about lucid dreaming

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      Was this a lucid dream or a dream about lucid dreaming

      This morning I dreamt I was driving down a road I know in real life and I suddenly remembered I wasn't supposed to be there. I tried to remember how I got there but noticed my memory was fuzzy and didn't know where I was before and thought I could be dreaming. I forgot about it though and kept driving along. At the end of the dream I parked my car, got out and it morphed into two different objects. I walked away from the car and the dream suddenly transitioned to the hallway of my house. At that moment I thought I must be dreaming and suddenly thought, "I'm going to fly." I jumped out a window and started to fly and then woke up instantly. (Although I often think about flying in lucid dreams so this is something I would probably do if lucid).
      Usually when I have a lucid dream, I get excited and the excitement at knowing the dream world isn't real tends to wake me up. This seemed like everything was happening automatically without me really thinking about it, so I wonder if I was lucid or my dream self was just going through the motions of a lucid dream.
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      I think it can be difficult to judge someone else's lucidity in a specific dream without knowing the person, so I think most importantly only you can really define whether you were lucid or not based on your past lucid experiences. It may simply be a new experience of being lucid, too.

      I've read from others it's possible to dream about lucid dreaming, though I'm not really familiar with it myself. There can be dream control without lucidity, too. It may just be a case in which you did have a certain level of lucidity, just not full. I think it's counter-productive to see the state of lucidity as being either 0 (off) or 1 (on); there are stages in-between where you are more or less aware of certain dream aspects and because you did question reality a few times throughout the dream, it sounds to me like there was a low level of lucidity, with maybe a bit of automated feel going on anyway.
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      Frankly, to me I don't worry about the distinction. What I want is the feeling of being there, being present in the dream. If it feels like real life and my memory of it is like a real life experience I don't care. I've had some "almost" lucid dreams that were incredible. I've had lucid dreams where the part before I became lucid was just as good as the lucid parts. Yes, you may not have "control" but for me achieving the "virtual reality" is what I want.
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      It's called passive lucidity,you don't really realise it's a dream but you can do stuff like flying or control others things.
      It's a good thing!

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