As normal techniques doesn't work for me anymore I need to be creative and research into new ways of reaching lucidity. This is one of my alternatives to SSILD in which I'm replacing parts of the original with intention to make it better and more efficient or produce entirely different effect. I already work with many different versions and subject them to prolonged testing. This is one of my versions that produce more promising results.

Like the original it works after at least 3-4 hours of sleep, again using cycles, but address the senses differently, it is centering around phantom (imagined) movement. Is a WILD technique with shorter cycles than SSILD, producing trance like state, it tend to induce vibrations, visual and auditory hallucinations, but they are not the effect we seek.

After wake up with alarm or naturally and staying awake between 5 and 30 minutes, lay on your back(or use your favourite pose, if fall asleep harder) and use your favourite relaxation technique, when relaxed enough it is time to begin the tech.

One cycle consist of 3 senses, from 5 to 15 seconds for each, don't count we are not after precision, be gentle and relaxed, don't think too much about it, go with the flow.

For Vision:
Eyes closed and Eyeballs completely relaxed, try as much as you can to imagine a bee/fly(but it can be anything that move around) moving around in front of your closed eyelids and follow her with your attention only, without moving the eyes themselves, if you cannot see the bee/fly, just pretend to see it and move your attention around, but don't make sharp imagined movements, make more oval or circle movements.

After more cycles you will notice that you can move your attention beyond peripheral field of vision, don't over exsite yourself.

For Hearing:
Try to Imagine as much as you can the sound of a bee/fly(or anything you can imagine more easily) moving around, follow the sound with your attention focus. Again slow oval or circle movements, no fast sharp ones, you don't want to wake yourself up. After some cycles you can start hearing things don't focus on them or everything will stop, just ignore them and move on.

For Touch:
Try to imagine as much as you can that you walk slowly ahead, but don't move your legs or strain your muscles, you must be completely relaxed. Try to feel the ground beneath your legs and the motion itself. Vibrations can arise don't focus on them.

If nothing happen or you cannot fall asleep after around 15 minutes, just roll around and fall asleep normally.

What can happen:
A) You will directly translate within the Dream.

B) You will fall asleep, but suddenly realised that you are asleep for no reason, increased awareness.

C) You can have a FA, so make a RC every time you wake up after the tech.

D) You can have accidental OBE, don't panic.

E) Nothing happen, you can try again later in night.

You can practice the steps during the day, for more fluent and relaxed execution.

Good luck to all