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    A wild at beginning of sleep turning into SP horror

    by michael79 on 10-14-2020 at 05:48 PM
    I did my tech, which translate me directly into the Lucid dream, what happen to the theory of no Rem at beginning of the night, I got too excited and fall apart.

    I do it again and achieve second LD, but it was very bizarre. I got myself standing in front of a building at night, it looked like a Bank and the next moment a guy a attacked me, we fight, for some reason I had a gun attached on my belt, I shot him. I got over his dead body, in that moment someone knocked me down, I lost consciousness (everything become black) but the dream didn't fall apart.

    I woke up on the ground face down, I couldn't move, it's like I have been tied up. Two man were arguing what to do with me, the first wanted to kill me, but the second wanted me as a hostage, I only could see their feets. The first man bring me up and clenched his fist on my throat, he said he will kill me for killing his brother, the sensation of him grabbing my throat was very real and painful. I couldn't move at all and I couldn't scream, I had no control of the scene, it was so bizarre real, I just closed my eyes and wished to wake up, after two seconds I really woke up.

    Damn, that SP terror was just too wrong, I slept for the rest of the night.
    lucid , nightmare

    A Visualization Experience

    by michael79 on 08-03-2020 at 12:14 PM
    I started with my usual routine, trying to stay still I imagined a rectangle, when fully stable I turn him into 3D cube, after a little more I start to rotate him on his axis, when rotation become fluid I enter "the Zone" and can begin to make more complex visualization.

    I visualize a long corridor with a bright light at end of it, like a tunnel, when I came out of the tunnel into the bright light, I suddenly appeared on a rooftop. I was dressed into a Jedi robe uniform and had a light saber on my belt, a guy of the other side of the rooftop was calling me, a jedi woman was about to fall from roof into a lava pit, "save her" he said. I used force jump and land just above her, suddenly two options appeared in front of my view, "kill her" on the left and "save her" on the right, I said to myself "third option then, Fear will not control me", I used force push and push her in the lava pit, the I draw my blue light saber (it was exactly as in the movie) and run him through my chest, I felt him going through me, but there was no pain. I lose balance and fell in the lava pit myself, I was sinking into the red lava and like my body was getting hot(the whole time I was feeling my body in the bed). I saw her sinking several meters of me, but I couldn't move my arms or legs anymore so I use the force pull instead and we bump into each other, I said to myself "I won't leave you here" and imagine a blue light surrounding us like a force shield, my body started emitting blue energy making a bubble around us, the hot feeling stop and like my body become super light, we started to sink very quickly, then I felt my body on bed starting to distort and bend 90 degree and sink into the bed, it started from my legs, then my knees, my torso next, but when my spine bend and sink I couldn't control it, the sensation was too strong, So I open my eyes, of course I was still in my bed and my body was still in the position I start.

    Lol it was really some experience, I said to myself and took a deep breath.
    lucid , memorable

    A transcendental experience - the most trippy stuff ever

    by michael79 on 08-03-2020 at 12:12 PM
    I just made a cool experiment, at my napping time. Instead of trying to WILD, I said to myself verbally in my head that I am going to observe myself falling asleep very slowly. I think lucid dreaming take place on the surface of Dreaming aka the Rem which translate to more awareness and control of what is happening in the dream, but in the deeper layers of sleep or the phase, control is harder to achieve, but everything is much more stable and detailed like in the real world. But WILDing and falling asleep are two different directions, when you try to WILD it is like you are halting the natural process which the mind is going through every day.

    The experiment I did today gave me the opportunity not to halt the natural processes of falling asleep, but to flow with it. To fall asleep a little slower and to have tiny dots of consciousness I said to myself that I must not fall asleep completely because I need to attend to other task, additionally I grab my index finger on right hand with my left hand to feel some pressure awareness and I totally let go to the sleep urge, while just observing what is happening.

    I start to see different colors, shapes, sceneries(while not focus my vision on anything particular that was happening),
    suddenly I was in a book store, the book titles were perfectly readable, my vision closer to books names then suddenly everything go far far away, I was falling through some colorful holes(i totally lost the sensation of my physical body), saw a human face, the image became grey like from x-ray and then transparent, I see his brain, something was pulling me inside his mind, I felt many different feelings while I was holding tightly to my tiny amount of consciousness, something pull me even deeper, I saw an infinity field of minds which were connected through strings made from emotions, thoughts, ideas and other stuff I don't understand, a giant network of consciousness, it was pulling me even deeper and harder and I saw stuff I totally can't describe, in that moment a voice from far away echoed, I couldn't understand it at first, but after a while finally reached me, I heard my best friend voice: "If you go any deeper I won't be able to catch you, listen to my voice and catch it, I will pull you out", I attach my dot of consciousness to his voice and felt a strong pulling out sensation and a second later I wake up. I felt deeply relaxed.

    Lol that stuff was just bizarre and hilarious and can't wait to try it again.

    What do you think about it, share your thoughts.
    lucid , memorable

    A member of the forum guided me into the dream

    by michael79 on 08-03-2020 at 12:05 PM
    It seems I mix the wrong herbs, because I got some very vivid dreams. My two wbtb failed, but got one after I woke up and tried to fall asleep again. Tried SSILD, but I got too focused and couldn't fall asleep, tried WILD to no avail, tried VILD but my visualization wasn't stable enough and was falling apart before entering the dream, then I thought what if somebody else create the entry for me. I visualize a man, I haven't an idea why Sageous name come to my mind, but he suddenly appeared in front of me in a flesh(he is the only one I know how he look irl).

    He glance at me and walk ahead in the darkness of my eyes creating a door, he enter inside and I follow him, I get directly into the dream, I emerged into one very enormous movie theatre, the screen was very large and there were five floors of seats, the ceiling was at least seven floors high, the dream was very stable, no need for further stabilization. I walk around and enter in the hallway, on the wall in front of me there was a big movie poster with text above "showing now", I come closer to the poster to see it in details, I couldn't believe my eyes, I was on the poster clothed in some fancy battle armor in action pose, an explosion behind me and an alien ship. The title was "Stardust" and there were list of main actors, my real name was there "playing as himself", producer "Sageous", I freak out, I turn my head around to see if text are gonna change, but it didn't. There were other pictures on the wall, scenes from the movie, just then I recognize it, this was the dream I was having at the beginning of the night. It was about an alien invasion, me and my brother fighting the aliens with giant mech's which we accidentally found in a underground cave. It looked like power rangers but with horror elements and battles like Pacific rim. I couldn't believe my eyes and said something like "who is watching me" "how", but the dream turn black and I wake up.

    I wonder what the hell was that? Maybe I need a vacation, because surely that was freakish.

    Those experiences that can make your brain stand up and walk away

    by michael79 on 08-03-2020 at 12:04 PM
    Last night in late evening I was viewing Dreamviews on my phone, something happen that literally can spook you for life, there wasn't any visible lapses of consciousness, I wasn't even sleepy.

    While I reading some of the threads I hear a loud bang, which make me drop my phone on the floor, I stand up and look around, the second bang from the direction of my front door increase my pulse considerably, I told to my wife to wake up, because somebody maybe is trying to break into our house, but she wasn't waking up at all, the third bang make lose ground under my feet and I fall on the ground, when I look up I felt like this is the first time I'm seeing this room.(if you ever witnessed your room from angle that you didn't normally witness, you can have the same feeling) I sense a breeze of cold air running at my back, my room door has opened from air current coming from my front door. While still on the floor I look back and I saw that my front door is slightly open(I have direct line of vision). I stand up and shake my wife to stand up, telling her that somebody just broke into our house, but she refuse to wake up. I heard a footsteps behind me and I was about to turn around I felt a sharp pain in my back, somebody hit me hard, I was on the ground again, I try to reach my wife, but somebody was standing behind me, I thought deep inside me "this is it, is over"(my pulse was racing), his breathing was loud, I try to turn around and see who is, but felt a sharp pain in my head and black out only to wake up here fully paralyzed, I was still holding my phone, thank god it was just a FA, while breaking from the SP.
    false awakening