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    Thread: SSILD Research

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      SSILD Research

      I'd like to discuss, and hopefully wrap up the theory as to why SSILD works. As was said in CosmicIron's SSILD thread,(It got more discussion, but not enough.) it is not known why this works. I figure that if we were to learn why, we could perhaps make better use of it. Here is what the thread says:

      We do not know why exactly SSILD works. One user pointed out that the method shares some resemblance with the self-hypnosis method introduced by Betty Erickson, wife of the late Dr. Milton H. Erickson. Another theory is that by repeated stimulation of the various senses in a trance-like state, we incubate our mind and body into the right condition suited for entering a DILD, WILD, or OBE.
      The last sentence really piques my curiosity. I do not have any theories, But i'd like to eventually know why this works. If you want to get to the other thread by CosmicIron, here you go: http://www.dreamviews.com/induction-...eam-ssild.html
      He also has an updated version in his thread. So. Any ideas?

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      HI ! I donīt think there is a special mechanism to explain its efficiency. Its the principles of LDing that are working here.

      SSILD is straightforward and objective and that gives one confidence because one knows what to do, and thereīs not much room for failure. Like cosmiciron says it is "idiot proof" lol.

      So, i think its simplicity helps to create good confidence and expectation.

      Another interesting thing is that SSILD is not a strict WILD or DILD technique, and you are told to expect anything and nothing special at the same time, taking the pressure off.

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      I think by raising your self awareness of the 3 main senses (sight, sound & touch) as we sleep, we then have an increased sense of awareness of those senses as we dream allowing us to spot oddities in the dream. To me this sounds most logical explantaion.

      Also, when im doing the cycles, when it comes to 'touch' i focus on my hands, once i can feel a tingling in my hands i then add in a sneaky mantra ' next time i see my hands i do a reality check'. I repeat this MILD affirmation every time im on the 'feeling' step of the cycle. I call it SSILD+Hands.

      Does that work? Well, looking at my list i see that twice ive done this and twice ive become lucid by realizing an oddity, I dont know if my hands had anything to do with it but on each occasion my hands would have been present in the scene at the moment a realized something was odd. First one was stroking a dog and second time was when i was pressing a switch (both used hands)

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