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    Thread: How do I catch awakenings during the night? (For DEILD Use)

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      How do I catch awakenings during the night? (For DEILD Use)

      I've been doing WILD for a few months now and got some decent results, but I wanted to try DEILD. It seems that the best way to do it forgoes alarms in favor of the natural approach. I'm aware that everyone wakes up at least a couple of times throughout the night, but we just forget about it. I would like some tips on how to "Catch" these awakenings; to become conscious enough to use them for a DEILD.

      The only tip I've found for it so far is to have a matra and set your intent to wake up. If you guys have tried this, how long did it take to work? Also, Any other tips?
      Good Luck, Oneironauts!

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      Your asking for tips suggests that you lack confidence in your ability to notice awakenings, which could be why you're not noticing awakenings. What you want to do requires motivation and it's easier to maintain motivation when you have confidence in your ability to do what you want to do.

      Do something easier related to what you want to do. This way, you can achieve results to help you build confidence in your ability so that it's easier to do what you want to do. Rather than trying to notice awakenings, notice what happens in general while you're sleeping. It is easier to notice things in general than it is to only notice something specific. Notice more of what happens in general while you're sleeping and eventually you'll notice more dreams and the awakenings that come after those dreams.
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      You could place an object on the other side of your room or in another room entirely. Make it a mission to fetch it when you do wake up, that way you won't forget or will at least have evidence that you were up. Be sure to do a reality check when you do pick it up as you might dream of fetching it! Some extra water before will also ensure that you can't fall asleep again without leaving the room. If you want to try DEILD without moving much, you can intend to move something on your bedside table.
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      I had a DEILD this morning...here's how I did it... maybe it will help. I dreamed I was driving a car. I was stopped at a light, and my vision started to turn dark. I realized I wasnt sure where I had been going. Everything went dark, and i became half-awake. I knew it was a dream and i recalled I had been trying to find a coffee shop. I thought, even though the dream is over maybe i can still find that shop. All at once I realized I could see and I was sitting at a booth at a coffee shop and the waitress was in front of me to take my order. I was lucid this time. I grabbed ahold of the waitress and was amazed i could actually feel her. I kissed her, then started to undress her, and did a bit more (for some reason my lucid dreams proceed this way). After a few more seconds I woke up, this time more fully. I havent had many WILD or DEILD dreams so I was happy this had worked.

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