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      Ahhh so close....

      So I tried to induce a lucid dream by taking a nap after school for the second time. (first was tuesday night almost got to Sp, but then my body freaked out and woke me up) but anyways I went to sleep with my nightmask at about 420 after school. I layed for about 30 mins and then here are the things that happened in order
      1)felt that my feet were hanging off the bed even though I made sure they were on before I started (felt the same thing tuesday night, so this time I made sure they were deff. not hanging off the bed.)

      2)My hands felt like they were floating and not touching the bed and my feet felt the same.

      3)I felt as though I was on a waterbed (as opposed to last time where I felt like I sunk into my bed)

      4)I noticed my mind would drift off into weird scenerio's that I was beginning to see, but this is where I had trouble, Once I let my mind wander, I would be thinking of something weird like the california raisisns (I know.....wtf) and If i stayed on one of those weird thoughts a moment or two longer I would have been dreaming, but I would always think "Good my mind is wandering" this thought caused me to have a euphoric feeling "yes LD here i come!" this which of course took me out of the experience and caused me to be fully aware again. I had alot of trouble with controlling happiness, everytime I would get a mild vibration, I would get a big burst of happiness I could feel go through me and erase the vibes. Any suggestions on how to just let your mind wander, but still be aware?

      5) at about an hour, I got a wave of warmth and vibrations that I think mildly paralized me, It was weird b/c when I went to bed my arms were flat at my sides, but after the Vibes, They felt like they were crossed across my chest, I could feel my right hand on the left side of the bed and vice versa.
      I must have been close, but my mind would not shut down quite enough

      6)my damn alarm went off (I set it for an hour and 10 mins as opposed to tuesday when I set it for 45 mins.) *dont want to wake up and it be midnight hehe*

      Anyways I feel like im really close, I will try again maybe tommorow, but we will see how busy I am.

      Any advice would be great! I think I am very close. I think im going to try and get lucky with a DILD, and keep trying to have a afternoon Nap induced LD *NILD*

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      What you describe as a wandering mind sounds much like theta wave sleep. Really, you are in the middle of a sleep cycle, and getting a wandering mind is a good sign. If you continue taking these naps, you will habituate to the feeligs and they won't distract you.

      Also, don't despair at the sound of the alarm! When I am lazy, I set my snooze for 15 minutes. Often, I dream, even though I had to wake up to reset the alarm.

      One more piece of advice: Make it a 90 minute nap. Sleep cycles are 90 minutes long, so you wouldn't want anything shorter than that (an hour of sleep is the worst, since you are waking from deep sleep). Luckily, lengthening the time of the nap is probably the easiest (and most important!) thing to fix here!

      Good luck!

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