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    Thread: the "Mind V.S. Body" Induction technique

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      the "Mind V.S. Body" Induction technique

      Right, these days seems everybody and their grandmother is posting induction techniques, so I wanted to be really careful when posting this. I actually formulated this technique 3 days ago but wanted to make sure it actually worked more than "that one time", which it did, the 3 times I have used this I have become lucid- I have had 3 very vivid lucid dreams these past days the last of which I just woke up from.

      Disclaimer: the language used here ain't scientific. I am not a scientist. This is what works for me. A lot of what you will read you would have heard before- I by no means claim to have invented 'all of it', indeed this is a combination of several tutorias, with my special variation.

      : in this tutorial I'll be referring to the mind/consciousness as "the head", simply because it's easier to visualize

      requirements: It is assumed you have good dream recall and are able to recall 1-2 dreams per night on a consistent basis, that you do reality checks during the day, etc
      I highly recommend reading the tutorials in the tutorial section first and trying them out first. Also I recommend reading my article
      A day in the life of an LD-er

      is this a MILD or a WILD based technique??

      here is where it gets rather obfuscated- I am such, that whenever I try to WILD I very rarely do- indeed since I started LD-ing I only have had several, however whenever I use WILD based induction techniques I sometimes end up having DILD's. Likewise, this technique is based on WILD but gave me very nice DILD's, but that's just me- I honestly have no idea what you will get (if anything at all) since atm I just tested it on myself.

      1. go to bed initially and set your alarm to 3 hours after you fall asleep- you don't need to go to bed 'early' but depending on your schedule it's good practice to get a nice 8-9 hours of sleep.

      Don't compensate for the 30 mins->1hour it might take you to fall asleep

      Don't read your DJ

      note: I usually don't have any recall whatsoever of the initial few hours of sleep- all my dreams come later. I think this is related to the REM cycles being short initially as you fall asleep. If you have consistent dream recall of the first 2-3 hours you might want to read the dream journal before the initial sleep.

      2. Now that you have woken up go to the loo if you must, then read your dream journal. Don't read it dogmatically, stead, read just enough of each dream to remember what it was about and visualise/remember the rest in your head. Read maybe the last few nights, and perhaps some of your previous LD's from longer ago to boost morale

      3.go to bed, lie on your back and continue visualizing your lucid dreams,
      especially the parts where you initially became lucid

      4.once you are comfortable and cozy, lying face up, begin saying

      1..I'm dreaming
      2..I'm dreaming
      3..I'm dreaming


      the numbers should be thought as you inhale and the "I'm dreaming" as you exhale- don't be too concerned about being totally spot on, make the entire process relaxing and natural. If you suddenly loose track don't punish yourself and return to the approximate point where you were and continue- no one will "later check" your counting

      EDIT: I've just reviewed my DJ and on the first day I actually did the above first without success but later used a MILD mantra "I will do a reality check and realize I'm dreaming the second time round and that worked. So seems you can experiment which technique works best but I still recommend the first one.

      Here's the kicker- if you want to scratch or readjust your position- do so! indeed it was proven that lying 100% still for extended periods of time doesn't really help and can indeed be harmful since the body wasn't designed for this. Indeed from what I've read the whole notion originated from lab experiments and there it was necessary simply to be able to monitor the subject. Scratch away! don't punish yourself! indeed as the body gets more dreamy it will naturally move less, I order you to be comfortable or I killz you!!!!

      Now here's where my variation comes in:

      as you are doing this, imagine you are in a drinking competition with your body- the aim is to make anything below the neck feel very cosy/dreamy/tired/sleepy while the head should remain relatively awake- think of being attentive in class- that's how the head should feel. The intention should be that your body should fall asleep/pass out before the head, while the head is still clear minded.

      continue the simultaneous counting and sleepification of your body.
      I can only speak for myself here, but after a while I get this instinct/sudden urge to roll over- as soon as it comes I don't resist, roll over while continuing the counting and the 'competition' with my body, after the rolling over the onset of sleep is rather swift- it usually creeps up somewhat "unnoticed" as you are doing your technique.

      : the barrage of those small random/incoherent thoughts and sometimes (usually later) images that slowly enter your mind as you fall asleep- all induction techniques seem to be aimed at avoiding those by keeping the mind occupied. fall asleep/loose consciousness while still in a clear state of mind I can't over stress this enough

      after this, well hopefully you'll have an LD Again, this is what works for me I don't guarantee anything. Best of luck!

      Experiment, Experiment, Experiment!- and keep notes in your dream journal whenever you have had a successful LD where you write down what you think caused the LD so you can later replicate the situation. This tutorial is not written in stone if something different works then use it!

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      the "Mind V.S. Body" Induction technique
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      Nice. man.
      I will try it Sooooon
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      I like the drinking competition & classroom idea. (Not to say that I like drinking) It really delivers the message !
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      I'll try this. The whole not scratching thing/moving is definitely bogus, I agree. Plus it sets up a huge barrier that has FAILURE written all over it for the majority of people, huge gumption trap. Makes you feel "oh man I moved now I'm not going to have an LD damn" and then that's the last thing you felt before falling asleep; failure/dissapointment/lack of motivation.

      Thanks for the guide!
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