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    Thread: external SSILD?

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      external SSILD?

      I was wondering if SSILD would be more effective by using external sources for senses stimulation during the cycles. The LDer would use an app or computer and some devices touching body. Then for example, the LDer would hear sounds, bells, whistles, beeps during the hearing cycle, feel vibrations, pressure, cold, pricks during feeling cycle, and see (even through closed eyelids) flashes of light, swirls, colors while in vision cycle. Maybe an external source would stimulate the senses in a much stronger way and result in higher levels of awareness to bring into the dream and become lucid.

      Could be initially tested with a smart phone and an alarm app with flash, sound, vibrate and auto dismiss settings.
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      Interesting concept. I think it's worth testing out as you described.

      My first thought, however, is that it might make the conditioning process that is the basis of SSILD too easy. I'm thinking that our brain needs to have to work at it a little to establish that strong mind/body connection that seems to be the key to successful SSILD.

      Fwiw.....I have tinkered with my SSILD technique a lot over the last few weeks and I find that when I go back to the classic original protocol I have the best results.
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