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    Thread: is this normal?

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      is this normal?

      pretty much every night for as long as i can remember when i go to bed i lie there with my eyes closed and just think and vissualize anything that i feel like or that comes to mind, and explore situatons that could happen, like if i did this what would this person do. and i do this for anout half an hour to an hour. im not making myself do it, i just want to. and i let the thoughts kind of grow nd half start thinking themself.

      is this normal? do other people do it?
      i started to wonder when i heard it was a meditation technique, and i now 20 mins of meditation a night is meant to make your brain heaps better so i thought if it is mine could be insane.

      and i was also wondering if this could be used as a WILD/OBE technique?
      instead of trying to quiet the mind, expand and develop the thoughts till they are a dream?

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      When I was younger I was able to do somethings like that, I could just let my imagination go making me see and even hear things while awake.

      I think it would be hard to "transform" this images into a real dream in the start of your sleeping because usually it takes some time to the people enter the REM period.
      But if you wake up during the night, it's very possible to this to work as an WILD technique, in my opinion.

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