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      Book of rumors.Third chapter.

      Now it is been said that there was a man which his life brought him to his knees since his birth,that for some weeks he had so strong headaches that he couldn't stay even sleep from the pain.And then somewhere at the end of august he was half sleeping as he was for many years before.That night pain got so strong that he was thinking if the pain was real.He was pushing the muscles of the forehead so much he could feel them close to the nose bridge.

      He felt in fact that his whole head is cracking.

      and then the pressure transfered into his nose,giving hat feeling you got when there is a fire and smoke is getting in the nose.

      Unable to move anymore for a reason he was certain that something was wrong.
      And then BAM!!!
      Something like a burning piece of iron had forced his way fast and violently in the middle of his forehead.
      Huge the pain was and certainty of his death came over him.
      Then the iron smashed the middle of his forehead and a hole got opened.
      Then a quick FLASHING LIGHT like a thunder hit his eyes,
      Followed by Spires of colors he never saw before into his life,were turning around like a vortex with a hole on the center.
      And then his whole body transfered into a tube travelling with immense speed.
      And at the end of that tunnel fireworks on his head.
      And then Nothing.
      And one year passed and nothing.
      And much more time passed and Nothing.

      It is been said That Entrance To That Place without The body following the order of things,or a forced way in is going to put the man in the grave shortly after that.
      And that because the mind cannot harmonize the kundalini coming from the sexual and
      Balance her through sentiment,leaving the man without a grounding.
      And then his Mind comes in a second from shuted down to overloading to shutdown again,Till the mind burns.
      Best case senario:Schizophrenia followed by suicide,if the person is lucky enough to recognize it is the only exit.

      It is also been said That if the whole process started from the top of the head,
      A thing quick to realize if it happens,It was on his chartography to happen,so it was inevitable.

      But people are full of lies and misunderstandings these days.
      And their mind is dull and wicked to the point that everything is black and white.
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