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    Thread: sky's broken

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      sky's broken

      so y're to take a look at the sky and we can see that while it may be solid -representation- of a certain conceptual barrier nexus it actually holds no perceptible physical presence in the real world. you can walk right through it, if the direction of your walk happened to be correct. so if we are to break it down a crack in the sky (assuming it is not some sort of lengthy allegorical mindstance) would be a break in representation itself, akin to cause and effect going awry. how could we put this into our terms?

      the first thing that comes to mind ist the originators of non-representationality - abstract art such as supremism, dada, and so on. they cannot get out of the idea of reprehension completely, however, because A: even a random process's results hold the hologrammatic seed of the process deep within itself and B: it is impossible in our current eidetic notions to have something which will not point to -anything-. at the very least, if it cannot be telegraphed within our sensory apparatus - take the colour of air, a meaningless concept in layman's terms (though not without some scientific detail, but we can disregard that for rhetoric's sake if you will let it). there is nothing that can be noted about it - but this nothing can be noted, and so can the concept in terms of actually being a concept. base level work, the code structure. hence if we are to look through this hole in the sky we will find a different language altogether. actual meaninglessness would be possible, rather than the fauxstate we eflorvisce in currently.

      once I tried fluoride, not as a pure mixture but just much stronger than the usual concentrations we get in tap water. even now I recall the taste - like it was sickly sweet, without the sweetness. just an overwhelming awfulness. for Teel, this is many times worse, as he cannot get out from the constraints of his body's slow reactions and hormonal dispersals even when his mind will have worked through it; truly blank rage that lasts three days. I wish him Pearls, and spices.

      i'll edit this soon, i know if I don't post I will forget about it
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      I so look forward to an explanation of this. The part of my brain that handles language is confused and hurt now.
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