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    Thread: Fate

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      Perhaps you are free in a realm of possibilities, unreal worlds similar to ours.

      If you can find one similar to a world ours might become, and can fasten to it, you do not have to understand the details of the path between here and there. Chance will make the path.

      How to find and fasten to a world is itself a detail on a meta-path. If you can find the end of that path, you don't have to understand that part either, chance will do it also. What is your meta-path?

      Cursed is the one who would bind chance for gain or glory.

      That's it!
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      Cursed you say? Cursed by what?

      Everything works out in the end, sometimes even badly.

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      Cursed by the inescapable logic of who you are.

      Also, by the spirit who bideth by himself in the land of mist and snow.

      Also, I feel a spiritual impoverishment or drying out as a result of the 'magic', like a face turning to dead bone. Its as if we swim spiritually in this pleroma of unseen possibilities, and when we blindly steer our luck towards chosen goals, internally we paralyze ourselves and exile ourselves to a desert somehow. I'm not suggesting we shouldn't do the magic at all, just that its poison if done with intemperance and without the agreement of the living spirit we swim in.

      I think what we experience spiritually isn't a realm of possible worlds so much as an abstract realm of metaphorical meaning that can be projected to particular worlds. More like archetypes, rather than specific manifestations of those archetypes. I guess it makes sense that those would need to be in our spiritual mind somewhere, otherwise we'd have no way to navigate and make sense of the potential physical worlds, even if those are real in some sense also.

      As some people define it, the astral realm is the unmanifest side of the physical realm. That would make it equivalent to this realm of potential realities that I'm talking about. This 'realm of metaphorical meaning' would be more like what would be called the mental realm. Like a light shining on the astral realm that casts a shadow that is the physical realm.

      Sorry I couldn't say that better.

      [Edit: To expand that metaphor better, it might make more sense to put the 'light' in a fourth spiritual realm, with the mental realm being a pattern or mask, the astral realm being a layer of photoresist, and the physical realm a material being etched. The astral part of that image in particular isn't quite clear though.]
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