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    Thread: Psychonauts! Let's talk about altered states of consciousness.

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      Thanks for sharing those experiences PercyLucid! I've been on a hiatus from journeying so its interesting to see how things are currently. I haven't been to that level where I forget I have a body ect, but the universal love is definitely familiar to me. Also I've had that feeling that this whole reality is computer-like and simulated. We don't perceive the way things really are, as in a noumenon, and I think its interesting considering the relationship between psychedelic perceptions and particle physics. And the whole DNA thing with Francis Crick and LSD. If we are able to enter into these perceptions and gain this type of knowledge, then hasn't it been there are along? I have to think that shamanistic cultures knew these things as well just because of the similarity/universality of these experiences.

      That's also interesting about what you encountered when you tried to go beyond Source. I've felt the presence of a void surrounding our universe/vantage point of reality and my life as a infinitely repeating loop. The latter that could be more of a mindtrip then a actual facet of reality. But the former. Why all these layers in existence? What really is the Source, and what is beyond it that's manifesting/simulating everything? Where and what is the origin of reality? That thing about the Spirit Guides not even knowing, which makes sense to an extent since they are basically more experienced souls, but still I don't know.

      I'll leave everyone with this last thought haha: I'm reminded of the DBZ Abridged Episode of Bardock, at the very end when there is a dialogue between Gohan and Goku.

      Gohan: Well i'm sorry, its just, none of this makes any sense.
      Goku: Well of course it doesn't, none of this is actually happening.
      Gohan: Huh?
      Goku: None of this is real.
      Gohan: What are you talking about? *wakes up*
      Piccolo: Go back to sleep Gohan.

      Spoiler for Link to this part :D:
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      Interesting thread that I'll have to read more when I have time. I know this is a sort of old thread but real quick I want to add a few things. I tend to feel a deep anxiety during the come up with with mushrooms but at the peak I calm down and am able to analyze my different "sizes". I tend to feel very schizophrenic during these trips but I am able to put it to good use. My first high dose was rather dark and I thought I was Lord Sheogorath Usually I tend to see my dark and and my light side and the same time. I've been able to analyze my paranoia, my serious side dripping with conceit and my joker/hate-world-side. I've sat outside of my ego and called it out. The base of religion makes sense and is fully understood beyond what is has become. This has been the best therapy that I could imagine and in the end I feel a deep peace and understanding of my own mind and life in general. I feel fixed and it lasts for weeks. Interestingly enough, this state has been accessed through lucid dreaming and I feel that is very similar and connected and if It were not for being so experience in dream work I probably would not have handled my trips so well.
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