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    Thread: Kaotic's Workbook

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      Kaotic's Workbook

      Reality Checks:
      - Push finger through hand
      - Hold nose and try to breathe through it

      Dream Signs:
      - Places I don't go to anymore
      - My friends in places I don't see them at ever.

      Short-Term Goals:
      - Have a premeditated lucid dream; one that I intend to happen
      - Remember one-two dreams per night
      - Go for seven days remembering a dream each night

      Long-Term Goals:
      - Master MILD
      - Have a successful WILD
      - Fly.

      Lucid/Dream Recall History:
      - This is what I'm working on

      Current Technique:
      - MILD(To increase dream recall)

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      Hey Kaotic, sorry for the delayed reply.

      You know I share one of your dreamsigns: "Places I don't go to anymore." Don't know specifically which one you visit, but I have a ton of nonlucid dreams at my highschool, or college. And I've had lucid and nonlucid dreams at my parents' old house. Anyway, they can be great signs to trigger lucidity, especially if there is a strong emotion associated with it.

      So I see that you're working on recall, have you started a dreamjournal yet? Either online or other? That's the best way to improve recall, as well as identify more dream signs.
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