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    Thread: Bask's Technicolor Workbook

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      Bask's Technicolor Workbook

      Hi all,

      Just discovered this site a few days ago (via a friend from Fitocracy) and am starting up the Intro Class. I do experience a bit of lucidity in dreams. Usually only for moments. During my very rare nightmares, I will become lucid and wake myself up. More often, lucidity comes during my Technicolor dreams.

      I make a distinction (drawn from Dream Yoga) between dreams that are mostly about processing daily events/emotions and vivid conscious dreaming. The latter feels like an encounter with divine energy in the dream state. I call these Technicolor dreams. Everything is hyper-real and often involves an ability to fly. I've had them all my life. They stay in my memory. They stopped a couple of years ago. I had one that went all night. The first part was a review of many of these dreams that I had experienced over the years. I got up to pee and went back to sleep immediately and back in the dream sequence. This latter segment, however, was about the future and involved the ability to shape dream events in amazing ways. Then they stopped, until last week - where I was dreaming about flight again - foaring aomng fresh green treetops and the orange-gold clouds of the setting sun. During my Technicolor dreams, I do become lucid - in awe of what is happening - for period of time and can make choices about what's happening. And then I merge back into the dream participant role.

      My goal is to become more fully alive in my dreaming and to make choices that bring more happiness and fulfillment.

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      Hey Bask, welcome to DV and Intro class!

      Your Technicolor dreams sound really cool! Hope you have more of these as well as lots of lds. Looking forward to reading them.

      Have a great time and don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions.
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