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    Thread: FireIce's workbook

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      FireIce's workbook

      Hello everyone. Thanks to everyone involved in making this forum. I find a lot of great information here, and I am really excited to get back on track with my LD journey. Happy journeys everyone!
      I'm from Norway, so my English might be a little off. I usually go to bed around 01am - and get up (by an alarm clock) at 10am.

      Reality Checks:
      -Pinching my nostrils.
      -Trying to move a finger / hand through an object.
      -Questioning everything around me for 2-3 minutes at random times throughout the day.

      Dream Signs:
      -Speaking or listening to Spanish language.
      -Walk & Talk with my father.
      -My old high school.
      -Always talking to people or listening.
      -Usually emotional / dramatic conversations. (without any feelings from it on my part, as far as I can tell)
      -I always seem to be with someone, and they seem to ask questions about me.
      -Snakes have been occurring more often, sometimes it involves me being very alert of them, other times I find what they do fascinating.

      Short-Term Goals:
      -Having a lucid dream occurring 4-6 times per week.
      -Getting something out of the LD. (personal growth)
      -Getting experience in this field for self-confidence.

      Long-Term Goals:
      -Being able to LD whenever I go to sleep.
      -Get to the point where I can make up any kind of scenario in my dream, no matter how "weird" or difficult.
      -Finally being able to go from LD whenever I want, to the beginning stages of an OBE / Astral Projection to verify, for my self, how the OBE changes lives of thousands each year. (Reading and believing is one thing, experiencing and knowing is quite another)

      Lucid/Dream Recall History:
      -These past four days have been great as far as dream recalls. I had two dreams the first one night, then I found this forum and learned some techniques, read some info, and have been able to recall one dream every night the follow days up to now. I hope it continues *Correction: I positively have all intentions & demand to recall my every movement in a dream or what I did during the night. (Just added a little personal statement there for my sub-conscious mind :P)
      I have actually had one very brief LD before, it was during my period where I went overboard on the OBE subject after experiencing something new occurring out of the norm on night, vibrations or the vibrational state without knowing what it was.

      -Dream recall is going very well, I have an increased memory of every dream, these past 4 nights I've had at least one good dream that I can recall, the sentences I write each morning are getting longer, I notice more details, the dreams it self are much more clearer, the environment feels much more "real" in the sense that it is what it is like being awake, more or less. Some new interesting themes or dream signs are occurring, they are not that dramatic any more, it involves less interactions with other humans, less conversations. More of a personal exploration on my own (I can not control it yet, aka it's a, for a lack of a better word, just a normal dream). Animals are more involved then ever, cats, snakes. My own wake state of enjoyment of musical instruments are making a comeback, welcome back to my dreams after about TEN YEARS, haha. I think I'm on the right track here, and the progress I've made seems to be headed to that next level.

      Current Technique:
      -Puffin's SAT technique.
      -Repeating affirmations before I drift off to sleep.
      -Strong personal desire.
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      Welcome to DV and Intro class, FireIce!

      Enjoy the journey to lucidity and let us know if you have any questions.
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