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    Thread: Fluttersyke's Hardworking Book

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      Fluttersyke's Hardworking Book

      The workbook of Fluttersyke. Also known as Flutter, or Syke. Also responds to 'you,' 'idiot,' and 'that one nerd.'

      What's up everybody? You're reading my workbook, and I sincerely hope they're paying you enough for that. I've got a fairly big catalog of written-down dreams from the past twoish years (I want to guesstimate around 150-200, but don't quote me on that), so expect me to pop up with a Dream Journal sometime soon!

      Reality Checks:
      -Nose plug
      -"What was I doing five seconds / minutes ago, what will I be doing five seconds / minutes from now?" (Most used, and I usually have the presence of mind to actually gain awareness of the world around me when I do it in real life)
      -Very rarely: the old 'shove my finger through my palm and hope like heck it doesn't draw blood' trick.

      Dream Signs:
      -Getting into car accidents (alternatively: realizing that the car I'm driving isn't mine).

      -Feeling that I've done something horrible / something horrible has happened to me (I don't know what that says about me—my life's pretty good—but the few dreams I've had where something goes really wrong have shocked me enough that I gained lucidity).

      -Me doing something really cool (laughably implausible in real life).

      -Having deja vu, as in basically replaying a part of a dream and getting a second chance at doing something that went wrong the first time (I’ve recently noticed that this happens a lot, my dreams rewind themselves so that I go through certain parts a second time and avoid stuff that sucked the first time. This has yet to get me lucid, I only just realized that it has been fairly consistently happening in multiple dreams like yesterday morning).

      Short-Term Goals:
      -Lay waste to this lucid dry spell I've brought upon myself
      -Have two lucid dreams in the next seven days
      -Kick ass
      -Take names

      Long-Term Goals:
      -Do useful things while I sleep (plan out future stories, think through real life problems, enjoy shaping reality to my whims)
      -Kick more ass
      -Take more names
      -Make a list to keep track of all these names

      Lucid/Dream Recall History:
      -Roughly two years of spotty dream recall and no progress in lucidity after first hearing about it and starting a dream journal (this state of only barely giving thought to dream recall lasted from Dec. 2013 through Feb. 2015). This all changed when the fire nation attacked I decided to do a speech on that one cool thing I heard about on the internet -- lucid dreaming -- which caused me to research it quite a bit, opened my eyes to how easy it theoretically should be to do, and hugely improved my motivation to experience it. (I actually had my very first ‘lucid’ (which consisted of me waking up immediately when I realized holyshitI’mdreaming) a night or two before I gave the speech. Since February 2015, I've recorded a few hundred dreams (at least one every night for a while, though that fluctuated throughout the 2015 summer with a heavy work/school schedule and is just now coming back strong).

      Current Technique:
      -Poor beyond belief.
      -Have had success with MILD (shocker!), and really need to stop lamenting the current lack of lucidity and start putting serious effort into MILDing better and more consistently. Also need to get more sleep in general, work and school make it hard to even get my intentions together on my days off.
      -My chosen technique for the next few weeks is, therefore, the illustrious Mnemonic Induced Lucid Dreaming Technique, as invented by Stephen LaBerge and tweaked/reinvigorated by OpheliaBlue, and CanisLucidus, who no doubt picked up many of their tips from others around this joint (the DV podcast episodes really changed the way I thought about MILD and were super helpful back when I was actually practicing lucid dreaming).

      One final thing,
      Typos Found in DV Academy Lessons I-IV
      These lessons have been fantastically helpful in getting me into the mindset of “yeah, I can do this!” again, and, since I’d like to stay a part of this website for as long as I can, I figured I’d help polish them even more than they already are. I hope nobody finds this insulting or anything: I write fiction a bunch, typos are the bane of my existence and I enjoy picking them out as practice when reading pretty much anything. Here are some super tiny errors I noticed while reading:

      Lesson II
      This is sometimes also called "dream chaining", and therefore possible to have several lucid dreams a night with this method.
      An ‘it’s’ in between “ and therefore” would help with the flow a bit here

      Lesson III
      Doesn’t it make sense, then to go into to dream fully aware of that everything?
      This passage is fantastic and I keep coming back to think about it, so I’ll just say that I feel there should be a comma after “then” to make it more easily understandable the first time one reads it. (Alternatively, you could get rid of the ‘then’ altogether and leave the rest as is).

      Lesson IV
      -If you you have a lucid dream and find yourself losing it
      You’ve got one too many you’s yo (the above sentence is in the homework section)
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      One last thing, can someone update the Acronym List with SSILD? I'm seeing that more and more around here, but haven't come across it before and am going to go figure out what it is now. That list was the first placed I checked, so it might helpful to future dreamers to add to it!

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      Welcome to DV and Intro class Fluttersyke!

      SSILD stands for senses induced lucid dream. The technique is simple yet can be of great help for inducing lds. Here are two very useful threads on the topic:


      Only the ladder is real. The climb is all there is.

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