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    Thread: Lapis3's Workbook

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      Lapis3's Workbook

      Hi Everyone

      I'm Lapis and i started to learn Lucid Dreaming 3 years ago but my motivation has dropped over the past year. So i joined Dreamviews and for the first time met other lucid dreamers which has been awesome. I thought i'd do a workbook to show what i have been able to achieve since i started and what i still want to do.

      Reality Checks:
      - Pushing hand through palm
      - counting my fingers
      - Looking at writing or a clock

      Dream Signs:
      - Flying
      - When at my old primary school

      Short-Term Goals:
      - Get back into a routine of lucid dreaming (or attempting to) a few times a week
      - Write in my dream journal every day
      - Meditate every night
      - Exercise every day and eating healthy ( helps me to sleep at night )

      Long-Term Goals:
      - Be able to stabilize lucid dreams for as long as an hour
      - Not rely on techniques such as Wild (i previously relied on this) to lucid dream because it messes up my sleep cycle. I want to rely on Dild.
      - Increase my clarity in dreams so i can accomplish more
      Once i am able to make dreams last longer and have better clarity than i want to focus more on learning some cool skills.

      Lucid/Dream Recall History:
      - I usually remember one large dream each night which is sort of a story and a few smaller dreams with it. I used to be much better at lucid dreaming as i was in a good routine where i was progressing fast. I got to the stage where i would use Wild to get in and stabilize it by shouting phrases like "Stabalize dream world" or "Increase Clarity". This all worked really well for me and i was able to talk a lot to my subconscious who would help me control the dream. But i have never be able to keep the dream going of long and that is my goal this year so i have longer to do things. Usually the thing that stops me is the lucid dream morphing back into a dream because i start to forget what I'm doing and try to achieve a new goal the dream has whipped up that makes no sense and i fall for it.

      Current Technique:
      - Dild
      - For Stabilization, Shouting commands, looking at hands and rubbing together (engaging with dream)

      Dreams Recalled:

      -I have had around 25 good Lucid dreams that i planned and achieved good progress.

      Goals Achieved:

      -Met Subconscious
      -Flew around a town
      -Turned into a wolf
      -had a conversation with someone
      -Used telekinesis/ set things on fire.

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