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    Thread: LucidLove's Workbook

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      LucidLove's Workbook

      Quick Intro: I was a regular lucid dreamer many years ago, but have just returned to the practice a couple of months ago. I've been reading LaBerge - and quite a few other authors, recalling and writing down my dreams, practicing reality checks of different sorts, meditating daily (Vipassana), and reading lots AND watching videos, listening to hypnosis YT inductions, et al.

      I have 3 clear lucid dream snippets, and a few lucid moments when I questioned reality or commented that this was dreamlike, but slipped back into happy oblivion. I was feeling pretty frustrated! Years ago when I could count on regular LDs, all I had to do was focus my intention as I fell asleep and I would have an LD about once a week - the sort I believe we call DILDs.

      I finally had a 'decent' LD a couple of nights ago after listening to one of the DreamView podcasts (Ep 4) so here I am, a new member and an enthusiastic student.

      Reality Checks

      1. I have been practicing S. LaBerge's Prospective Memory Training. I'm on the 2nd week, as I have found it to be pretty hit and miss for completing all targets in one day. I am now developing a sentence for each day that allows me to keep all 4 targets in mind more easily.

      2. I was using a lucid app on my phone to remind me to do Reality Checks AND setting my cell phone alarm to remind me at random times. Little by little I have begun to naturally remember to ask myself, Am I dreaming, without any reminders.

      3. I intend to remember to do a reality check every time I awaken.

      I tend to use most of the following for each check:
      • Try to float or fly by jumping up
      • push my finger through my palm
      • Look around for anything odd
      • Ask myself how I got here (picked this up two nights ago from DV podcast, thanks)
      • Count my fingers and study my hands

      Dream Signs:
      1. Hotels (appears in more than half my dreams)
      2. My Mother (deceased)
      3. My Grandmother (deceased)
      4. My first husband (deceased)
      5. Traveling / Packing

      Why I Want to Lucid Dream / Goals

      1. Fun and Wish Fulfillment - Things I cannot do in ordinary waking consciousness
      2. Healing
      3. Question Dream Characters, learn their reason for being and incorporate them into my Self
      4. Spiritual Growth
      5. Practice Yoga to improve waking yoga

      Lucid/Dream Recall History:
      In my 40s I had a fairly successful practice - and a simple one. I set an intention before I went to sleep to have a LD. I had a few a month. When I was in my 20s I had LDs spontaneously about once a month.

      Current Technique:
      • WILD was successful for me two nights ago.
      • Working on MILD.
      • Listening to Hypnosis videos.
      • Daily Meditation (Vipassana)

      Dream Journal

      I voice record my dreams on my cell phone in an audio file and transcribe them the next morning in my dream journal. I find that I don't usually need to listen to the recording, the act of speaking my dreams seems to generally solidify the memory of the dream, but I tend to listen to them after writing as sometimes it stimulates an additional memory or I have forgotten a detail.

      The times that you naturally go to bed and wake-up:

      I am in bed listening to some sort of dream or sleep meditations most nights by 9 pm. Some nights as late as midnight, but that is rare. I usually awaken naturally and record a dream around 11-11:30 pm. Then I usually sleep until 4 to 5 when I awaken naturally from the next dream (and from a call of nature). Sometimes I can fall back asleep and sleep until 6 - 8am. Sometimes I cannot fall asleep again.
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      Welcome to the class and DV, Lucidlove!
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      Thanks! I've been wondering if this is an active forum or not ... seems as though there isn't much going on ...

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      I had a lucid dream, though ... my second in 6 days. So, I feel I am making progress. I have been practicing my skills, keeping a journal, meditating, etc. for a couple of months now. Had some lucid snippets ... but have had two fully lucid dreams in the last week ... but I was hoping for some place where there is a lot of sharing going on ... maybe I'm reading the wrong threads ...

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