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    Thread: NobodySpecial Workbook

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      NobodySpecial Workbook

      Reality checks:
      -Nose Plugging
      -Reading what is on the white board by my front door
      -Light switches
      -Where am/was I?

      Dream signs:
      -Strange locations
      -People that I rarely get to see in person
      -White petals in the air(snow like)
      -Sand storm

      Short term goals:
      -Become more lucid, more often, and for longer
      -Gain control over dreams
      -Improve recall

      Long term goals:
      -Active dream every night
      -Perfect recall
      -Gain complete control over dreamscapes

      LD/Recall history:
      -I have had several instances of lucidity throughout my life, but always short lived, and usually not in my control
      -I was born with a highly comprehensive memory, so I rarely forget my dreams. If I do, I can almost always remember that I did at least dream

      Current technique:
      -I feel the WILD, and WBTB techniques will best suit me in the beginning, as I already try to practice awareness throughout the day, and I am a relatively light sleeper, thanks to the Marines haha, so seeing as I am constantly woken up throughout the night, WBTB seems fitting.
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      All the best for your work on the intro class. I am hoping to get about 7 more lucids before I move onto another class. Just my goal. I have am recording my progress here too.
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      Welcome to the class!
      Only the ladder is real. The climb is all there is.

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