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    Thread: CharlieLima's workbook

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      CharlieLima's workbook


      I'm CharlieLima, 23 years old from Sweden. Taking my degree in Sport Science.

      I've been interested in LD'ing for about six years, but haven't really taken it seriously. Then in 2011 I became depressed by different reasons and my life was all dependent on a 10 mg pill for about three years. In 2014, I decided that to stop with the pills and tried something more natural when I came into contact with mindfulness meditation. It's something that, together with many other good stuff, have changed my life and I've been a regular meditation practitioner for the last two years.

      A couple of months ago I realized how closely linked LD and mindfulness meditation are. That's why I'm here!

      The reality checks I'm using, beside my mindfulness practice, is the following:
      - Trying to put my finger through the palm of my hand
      - Checking my digital wristwatch
      - Counting my fingers

      There are two primary dream signs I've encountered:
      - My hometown (I've been having several dreams connected to my hometown and especially my previous workplace, so I would consider it to be an obvious dream sign)
      - Sexual event (I'm into NoFap (reddit.com/r/nofap) which has lead to an increased number of sexual events in my dreams.

      Regarding goals, I am a bit ambivalent. Of course, I want to fly, explore other planets and all those kind of stuff, but I also se LD'ing as something more profound and meaningful. I think LD'ing has the potential to cultivate things as calm, clarity, focus and creativity and I'm very interesting to see its potential. One of the corner stones of meditation is that it shouldn't be goal-oriented and I believe the same may be true for LD'ing.

      The technique I'm currently using is MILD together with WBTB and a regular DJ.

      Looking forward to your feedback!

      Happy sleeping!
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      Welcome to DV and Intro class, Charlie!

      Let me know if you have any questions.
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