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    Thread: Rafaelinio's Workbook

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      Hi! I was curious, how often do you do your reality checks? Also one thing I learned the hard way, remember if reality check fails that does not mean it is not a dream: I once had a dream in which I realized that what Was happening could not be real, but my finger would not go through my palm so I decided that therefore I was not dreaming, so I decided I must have gone completely and utterly mad. Lol. That was a scary dream to live through as I encountered more and more impossible scary stuff.

      One thing I recently read or rather reread that I think is a good reminder, sometimes we think that lucid dreaming is hard to achieve and that belief is a self fulfilling prophecy, so maybe that is what is preventing us from not becoming lucid more often. Expectations are key. I have decided to expect that my own lucid dream practice will go much easier this time because I have shown determination by working out daily for over a year now, and since determination is crucial to lucid dreaming, now that I have more practice with determination surely that will benefit my lucid dreaming effort. Maybe you too have something else you can practice determination on to strengthen determination overall, and that could help, no?

      Anyway; I just came back to lucid dream practice after years of not doing it, and wanted to say hi, and wish us both good luck!
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      Hey rafaelinio. I agree with JoannaB and you about how expectation is key. You're right about the RCs; it is more helpful to believe you are in a dream and your RC will work. I've had many dreams in which I do the finger through palm RC and find my finger not go through, or the nose plug and I find myself not able to breath though. It's frustrating since my LD count could be much higher. I figured doing the RCs effectively in waking life will help. But it is even better to do double RCs at once (incase if a RC doesn't work in a dream, do another back up RC). And instead of doing RCs 5-7 times a day, I would recommend doing it much more. I know skilled lucid dreamers do at least 30 RCs a day (and I'm also starting to increase my RCs during day). You don't have to do it that many times, but the more often you do RCs, the more likely you'll do them in your dreams and become lucid. And I wouldn't exactly recommend FILD because FILD can sometimes be complicated and many beginners try it and aren't really successful with it. You can keep trying FILD to see what other experiences you have with it (possibly luckily induce a LD), but I would definitely recommend DILD or MILD. Hopefully you'll progress, and good luck!
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      Congrats on the ld!

      Regarding RCs, it's worth poiting out that it is not so much the quantity that matters but rather the quality. It is very important to adopt the right mindset throughout the day, of questioning the state of reality. The more aware and paying attention you are the better. That mindset by itself is a reality check.
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