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    Thread: Hey dremers!!!

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      Cool Hey dremers!!!

      My real name is Michael, but u can respond to me and call me whatever u like. First... I'm 16, a guy, and liv in the US. What got me into lucid dreaming was that new movi inception. In my life, I've only had 2 lucid dreams... Both long ago. I've started to write down little facts about my dreams in my notepad and hopefully, when I can remember a lot of a dream, you will get a story out of me XD.

      I have a few questions... What should I be looking for in dream signs...

      also, iv done a lot of techniques, but I just can't sem to go lucid. Any personall techniques, will b appreciated.

      Also, sorry if this seems jumbled and such... It's 4 am here and I'm trying that technique that you sleep 6 hours, thn stay awake for an hour...

      Yes lolz... Every time I said technique, I misspelled it.
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      Hi Michael, welcome to Dreamviews.

      I've never become lucid because of dream signs; besides, you have to be aware enough to recognize them in a dream anyways. I suggest practicing awareness randomly throughout the day by stopping and asking yourself if you're dreaming. Follow with a reality check. It's best to reality check whenever you can instead of just when you see dream signs, because in your dream you won't get a cue to do one.

      If you want, I have a guide (link in my signature) that explains everything about DILDs.

      In your last paragraph, I think you're referring to WBTB, where you fall asleep for a while and then wake up. An hour may be too long for some people, so you have to experiment to see what works for you! If you do end up staying up for long, then would be a good time to write down dreams you had earlier in the night.


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