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      Dream recall is getting great but still no LD's

      so i started a dream journal a little over a week ago and my dream recall has shot up, i can remember more dreams from the last week than i can for the last 10 years....so now that i got my dream recall kicking i cant seem to be able to click that im dreaming... i go to bed every night telling my self over and over i will have a lucid dream tonight, or i will remember my dreams tonight, but still my brain wont register that im dreaming, ive also been doing RC's everyday, im kinda stumped

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      Well, trying to lucid dream for one week isn't really going to get the job done, I've personally tried to lucid dream for 4 months, and got my first one after two months or so... now I have got, uhm, about 9.

      So, patience! (And if you want, you could check the tutorial forum. Has techniques and stuff.)
      Lucid dreaming goals:

      Fly( ) Tame a recurring wolf that has been in about 10 different dreams/nightmares ( ) Fly on a Night Fury from HTTYD ( ) Ask my subconscious why I have so many nightmares ( )
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      Make sure you aren't just telling yourself that you will have lucid dream, you have to truly BELIEVE it as well. Know in your mind 100% that you will easily become lucid. No doubts. Also, when you are performing your RCs during the day, pause for a moment and imagine that you are in a dream right now. Look around at your environment and pretend you are dreaming...then perform your RC and see if you actually are. Don't just casually perform RCs or they will not work like they should. Good luck to you and I'm sure you will be LDing in no time. Remember, the first one can be difficult, but with time and experience the process will only get easier. Keep working!

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