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      Some Advice on my next step

      My Near Lucid Experiences

      In line at supermarket, reach for something on shelf -turn around and tell person behind me I'm dreaming, realize Im dreaming and then start feeling hands in bed and eyelids closed -I'm awake

      I over sleep wake at like 11:30 I'm really upset because I missed a job, Im throwing a tantrum, Im in my mom's room and I wished so badly I was dreaming and that Id wake up and it would be 6am. Next thing I know imwaking and its 6am.
      This one creeped me out because the dream was so vivid, I remember in the dream thinking this is too real to be a dream theres no way( i was yelling that "I wish this was a dream") Then it felt like I negotiated with the universe and it listened.

      I was listening to 'brainhack' ipod app, lying there and after a long time of nothing happening decided to take the headphones out. But once I did it woke me up, 'I' didnt realize I was in the middle of a dream, yet at the same time in my dream I didn't realize I was lying there listening to brainhack. This was a weird dual conciseness experience. Yet I feel like there is potential here to realize I'm dreaming.

      Lastly I was in a dream and became concerned what i was doing/movements was visible in my body in my bed. I lost the dream

      These are the closest experiences I've had toward lucid dreaming. Since Ive started 1 month ago
      Recently the last 4 days Ive been remembering in journal 3-5 dreams a night. =16 in four days.

      What should I do to get Lucid?
      more binaural tones/ ADA /try a WILD?
      What should I focus on?

      The only reoccurring dream signs I have are inaccurate layouts. Most of my dreams are at a familiar place, and almost every dream I have has a different 'floorplan' than they should, Im not sure if this is normal or helpful really...
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      Every one of those was a near DILD experience, you just forgot the most important step: performing a RC.

      If you had done that in any one of those situations you would have become lucid. You don't need more binaural beats, it sounds like the brainhack thing worked perfectly for you, you just have to RC. Whenever there's any doubt, do it.

      Also welcome to the forum!

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      Hey, Raphael. & good luck to the mavs
      I've kind of calmed down from doing reality checks, I pinched the skin on my hand and if it was real elasticity I would assume Im dreaming (cause I once did that in a dream). Now I just try to recall where I am and replay what brought me to the place. I guess I'll try to do more of these

      But even after remembering all these dreams in the past week Im not getting close the lucidity, all of my near lucids were from 2-3 weeks ago

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      What you want to do when you're doing RC's, isn't only to do one thing which would them confirm you're awake, but rather be critical to your surroundings. Whenever I do a RC these days, I go: "This doesn't even feel real, is it really?" and check if I see/hear/feel any different. What I'm doing at the moment, and a big memory check. Then I RC by counting my fingers.

      Don't worry about your Lucidity progress! Worrying can even make it worse since you're putting pressure on yourself to get one aswell as getting discouraged by not getting one. You will have more if you just keep on trying.

      For advice, I say do the WBTB technique and try a WILD. Try the WBTB a few times, but not too many days in a row. It's an awesome technique and works great. Binaural beats are imo just placebo, but if you believe in them, they will probably help you get Lucid. Same goes for any kind of food and or supplements, even though there are some supplements out there that increases your chances of becoming Lucid, most just increase your recall and quality of the dream.

      If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to ask. Good luck!

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