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      HELLO yollo's

      hello my name is akadoll . im from danmark and got a very bad english , as you can tell .

      all the time i got lucid dreams but its not that normal like you can control your dreams ,i cant even see good stuff like a flying pig or a rainbow , the only stuff i dream is mentally disturbing stuff . ones i dreamed that i was in a hall(every thing was grey) and in the end of the hall there was a room and when i walked over to the door i hear a tiking noise , when i opend the door i saw a guy straped to the wall and some creature was peeling skin of the guy , the guy screamed too, then i hear a freaky noise of screamming and stuff that TV makes when there is no channels .

      have any one here got a dream like this where you couldn't do any thing like blow a wall or jump high ?

      how i got here
      i got here from a cheating website

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      Welcome to Dream Views. I am glad you found us. As sick as it sounds, due to my experience with dreaming, I do not have bad dreams. I know, how strange, but I have no nightmares or even depressing dreams. I think you could learn to be this way with practice. If you develop enough control, I think you should be able to stop having disturbing dreams and move on to the fun stuff, like flying. It is very normal when learning to control dreams, for LDs to be beyond your control. Normally most people have many dreams where they know they are dreaming, before they get to control anything. Keep dreaming and work on control, and it will get much cooler.
      Peace Be With You. Oh, and sure, The Force too, why not.

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      Is your name ACTUALLY akadoll? D:

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