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    Thread: Introduction/Advice from experienced dreamers

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      Introduction/Advice from experienced dreamers

      Hello, everyone. I've been looking over the forums for a few weeks, and finally decided to register. This looks like a great community (most websites tell its users to not make an introduction post, DV actually put a whole section for that. Good move) and I look forward to being a part of it.

      Now, if you don't mind, I'd like to ask for some advice from the more experienced members.

      I've read the tutorials, and have been using the MILD method for a while. Right away, I noticed improved dream recall (Before, I was lucky to remember one dream. I started remembering 2-3 a night). About a week ago, I had my first lucid dream. It wasn't the most clear, but I remember realizing that I was dreaming, and controlling my actions for a little while before awaking. Since then, my recall has worsened (Although it's starting to become better), and no more lucids. So, I would like to ask the more experienced members what the best course of action would be. I know it's not wise to change methods, but is there something different I should try? Thank you in advance.
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      First of all, welcome to dv!

      Don't worry at all, this happens more often than you would think. You get your first lucid then things go down hill. It's called a dry spell and nearly all dreamers experience it at least once.

      Two things will get you through this
      1) Keep up with MILD and your normal routines. (You can add another technique to try out, but I wouldn't completely switch)
      2) Stay positive!

      Staying positive is probably the most important part of dreaming. It's not a matter of if you get another lucid dream, but when. Every dream has the possibility to be a lucid one. Even dreams in which you don't gain lucidity are still great.

      Whenever you wake up and have minimal recall or not as much as you'd like, don't see it as a failure, see it as a learning experience.

      You will get lucid, it may just take some time.

      Good luck and happy dreaming!

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      Hey Geist and welcome to DV! I too creeped on these very same forums for a few weeks before registering!

      Also, do you have a dream journal? I'm guessing you do, since you say your dream recall has gone up to a few dreams per night sometimes. But if you don't, you should definetley start one; it's easy to do and it tells your brain that your dreams are important. Also it's good so you can look over your dreams and look for dreamsigns. Dream signs are things that commonly happen in your dreams, and you should reality check when you see them.

      And you should just keep going with MILD, it's definitley a good method for beginners. Just stick with it and do lots of reality checks every day!

      One more thing, here is a great guide for getting good at lucid dreaming! I recommend this guide to ANYONE. It covers the basics and it can motivate you to keep trying to get another LD.

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      It's good to know that it's natural to have those "Dry spells". I was starting to get worried, lol. Thank you for the advice!

      Edit-Thanks for the welcome, USA. Yes, I started up a dream journal once I became interested in LD, so that's probably helped with my dream recall, as well as the noticing of dream signs. Thanks for the guide as well, anything that can help is appreciated.
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      Even after many years, dry spells happen. My advice is to do a mantra while falling asleep. You may already be doing that as it can be used in MILD. Good luck.
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