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      Exclamation How i got my first lucid dream in two days!

      I have had two lucid dreams in the past two days, it was only the first night I didn't. Although everyone supposingly gets them at different times (between 3-30 on average) here is what helped me to lucid dream! ( I got this info from all different websites )

      Listed from most important to least

      1. Remember you dreams
      Obviously you have to be able to do this first, or else you'll never know if you had a lucid dream.
      Keep a NON DIGITAL dream journal ! Trust me they don't help as much if they're digital

      CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH AS IT WAS ONE OF THE ONLY REASONS I KNEW I WAS LUCID DREAMING!! My favorite reality check (aka the only one I use) is when you look at numbers/letters like a magazine or clock and you turn away and count your fingers one by one and look back at the written expression, if anything changed YOU ARE DREAMING!! This is a guaranteed way to know ! I do reality Checks probably 9 times a day but as long as you do it 3+?times a day it'll be affective

      3. Have an idea of your dream
      Walk yourself through how you want your first lucid dream to go so that your mind can create it better.

      4. Tell yourself what's going to happen
      Fall asleep by telling yourself "I will have a lucid dream" or, "I will remember my dreams in your mind! Or anything like that

      This helps me SO much!! Not only does it for some reason make me fall asleep faster but it helps me lucid dream SO much!!!!!! Do not move your body no matter what.. the need to move is you mind seeing if your ready to fall asleep so just ignore all of those messages and it'll know or 'think' your very tired!

      6. Sticky note method💁 made by me !
      Okay so what I do is I write a message on a sticky note and stick it on the wall next to me before I go to bed. The message is usually like a #4 message I was talking about earlier, write one of those messages on a sticky note and it'll be the first thing you fall asleep and wake up too !😊

      I hope this helps !!
      Please comment, I'm a brand new user!
      Also, if any of you are experienced I was wondering if you could help me to make my lucid dreams last longer, be more vivid, and be in more control of them(: thankssss

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      Welcome and Congrats on your first lucid dreams. All of our points are right on mark.

      I will have to consider the non-digital dream journal. Currently I just have mine as a word doc. I suppose I could print it out and keep it near my bed.
      Total LDs (some very brief) = 2004: 4 * 2005: 18 * 2006: 16 * 2007: 2 * 2008: 0 * 2009: 0 * 2010: 1 * 2011: 12 * 2012: 3 * 2013: 1 * 2014: 6 * 2015: 1 * 2016: 0 * 2017: 18 * 2018: 3 * 2019: 0 (so far)

      Dreaming permits each and every one of us to be quietly and safely insane every night of our lives. ~William Dement

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      Hey Aslgabby, welcome to DreamViews!! ^.^

      Congratulations on the two lucid dreams!

      I use a digital dream journal, I find it easier to type things up quick and then if I want to post it on here it's already typed. You can also use the search function if there's anything you want to look for in your DJ. I'd like to use both though, get a nice physical journal and personalize it.

      You might be interested in joining the intro class at the DreamViews Academy: DV Academy

      There are really helpful DV professors there that will help you with lucid dreaming. There's also a Dream control and stabilization class there.

      As for making LDs more vivid and last longer, try examining your hands and surroundings and looking at the little details. Pick things up and see what they feel like, for example, drag your hand across a brick wall as you walk by and feel the texture of it. You can also use verbal commands like "Increase vividness".

      I hope you enjoy it here, I'll be seeing you around the forums~ (^.^)/

      In every age, in every place, the deeds of man remain the same
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